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microsoft buys minecraft for 2.5 billion


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so i know everyone knows about this and i need everyones thoughts. i think microsoft will drive it into the ground like banjo kazooie


I am not quite sure I see the point here seeing how the game is already on multiple platforms and the marketing for it--toys, shirts, etc.--has already been taken care of. I am going to assume that M$ has bigger plans for not only Minecraft but the company as well. Perhaps they want to market the game better, or put a bigger name behind it, such that in doing so more non-game savvy people will take notice.


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Actually Microsoft bought the whole thing including Mojang and all it's other games that nobody cares about. I don't think they will stuff this one up, hopefully not. I mean, Minecraft has a lot of fans and has a lot of money on it's back now and if Microsoft chose to be stupid then Minecraft will be digging it's own grave, no pun intended.
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I believe it's a bad idea for Microsoft to buy Minecraft. Just look what happen to Bungie when they brought Halo. Halo was at the top and everybody couldn't get enough of Halo once Bungie partner up with Microsoft the game started to change and Bungie was losing it's fans. But now since Bungie split away form Microsoft and became there own company now they are climbing up the ladder again with there new release of Destiny. So hopeful Microsoft don't mess up on Minecraft and not lose Mojang Fans.


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Yes, I heard this news and I have to admit that I'm upset fairly about it. It's bad news. I don't particularly have much trust in Microsoft as a company and now they've bought the company that owned the game that I've spent probably amongst the most gaming hours I've had over the last two/three years or so.

I know Microsoft have already stated they will continue sharing it across all current platforms that it's on, but what happens after that? What happens when/if the game receives a major update? This is Microsoft we’re talking about here, remember… I have little doubt it'll be okay in the short and maybe medium term. That'll be the one positive. The long term though? It'll become an exclusive and immediately alienate many of it's current fanbase – mark my words. The only doubt in my mind is that Minecraft is a hugely popular game and they do risk causing a huge amount of backlash if they screw it up. Will they take that risk…? Time will tell.

I could very well be panicking over nothing and all will be fine (and I sincerely hope I'm wrong on all of these predictions), but I think I'm going to be proven correct in the long term on this one.
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