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  1. CpmPanda

    Playstation 4 Has Sold Over One Million Consoles in 24 Hours!

    The Playstation 4 has sold over one million consoles in 24 hours! That's not even the best part; Playstation 4 isn't even out yet in most countries until the end of this month or sometime in December. Just in time for the Holiday season. That number will keep going up as consoles are launched...
  2. venomeye

    Very imaginative Microsoft to call new XBOX one

    I don't know about you guys but I think its a complete genius that came up with the name ONE. I mean it must have taken nearly the whole ten year development to come up with such an original and inspired name as ONE I believe the person behind the name is a creative god for to come up with a...
  3. Haze

    The Official PS4/PS3/PS Vita PSN ID Thread!

    Whether it's to find other players to game with or just for the heck of it - feel free to post your PSN ID below :) Special thanks go to CpmPanda for co-creating this thread!
  4. S-gamer

    Online passes for future Sony games

    I came across this article a few days ago, and thought I should share it here: destructoid.com/confirmed-online-passes-for-all-future-online-sony-games-212882.phtml Sony will incorporate Online Pass into Uncharted 3 and all future Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) games...