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The Official PS4/PS3/PS Vita PSN ID Thread!


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Whether it's to find other players to game with or just for the heck of it - feel free to post your PSN ID below :)

Special thanks go to CpmPanda for co-creating this thread!
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Oh, why not!

I'm meghanxkim. Feel free to add me... I've got a pretty extensive - and random - collection of games, and I'm always looking for new people to play with! I'm online quite often, too, especially now that school's done for the summer ;)


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My PSN is: God-_-Pro

Feel free to add me. I don't have a mic. I'm looking for people to play with now that its summer so I don't have school, and also just to make some new friends and get to know people from here.


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PSN: XRawF0rceX

Feel free to add me, though my mic is currently broken. I'll order a new one this weekend.


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Well I guess I can join in on the fun, Fries_09 add me if you want I'll be on eventually to add you. I'm always looking for someone to play a game with like Dead Island or Red Dead.


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Mine is fantanoice (Captain Original right here) but I don't play many multiplayer games. I'd be up for Sonic Kart or Blur if you ask me though. X3

Also, suggestion, maybe edit the first post with a list of all the IDs?


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Mine is fantanoice (Captain Original right here) but I don't play many multiplayer games. I'd be up for Sonic Kart or Blur if you ask me though. X3

Also, suggestion, maybe edit the first post with a list of all the IDs?
That's a good idea. I'll get onto that in the next hour or so :)

EDIT: All done.

My PSN ID is: Ayush S92.

I'm barely lvl 10 on PSN, what about you guys?
Would it make you feel better if I told you you're a higher level then me? :D
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Vyb_Rapidzz i think it is it may be different but i think its that ill check inabit as its one of those names with all weird letters in it.


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My PSN ID is "L2K7"

I play more Vita games than PS3. I am not online a whole lot, but you could probably catch me on a few times a week.


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Just thought I'd let you all know that I have been keeping up with the new posts and have updated the first post with all your PSN ID's :)
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