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Your preferred design of the new console.


New Member
As we all know by now, the PlayStation 4 has not shown it's face. Only it's son, the DualShock 4. But I would like to know, how do you want the new console to look? Do you want it to look like it's alien technology? Or as if it's from the future? Or do you want it look like the PS3 Slim, with some blue lights? Also, would it effect your buying if it looked exactly like the current PS3? Tell me what you guys think!



Well-Known Member
Doesn't really bother me what it looks like as it's about what it can do at the end of the day. But if I had to think of a preferred design, I guess something about the size of the PS3 Slim, and I would love like you said something to do with blue lights like the DualShock 4 controller has.
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