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Xbox One's Best Game


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The series just hasn't evolved quick enough. The innovation comes really slowly with this series for some reason. Its also become a milk the consumer for every penny they have kind of deal now. You get Advanced Supply Drops which increases the chance of you getting great guns which is entirely wrong and basically = pay for advantage. Of course you can get these weapons in normal supply drops but then its much less likely.

They've also completely fudged up the meta game. Instead of getting the best looking Camo by spending time with the weapon you can now drop £3 and get a better looking camo than the ones the game comes with. The map packs have become so over priced and now they're giving guns away in map packs which therefore can mean pay for an advantage. £35 for a season pass? Really that's a lot. Furthermore there is no end goal for the casual CoD player. Before Xmas I was prestige 10 but I knew I'd be too busy to play come Jan so I thought I'd be max prestige by April or May, nope, just add 15 more prestiges....so I stopped, no point, I'd never get that.

Instead of challenges unlocking cool gear, its random and you pay for a lot of the better looking stuff. So the meta game is fudged really.

The map design has become the biggest joke ever, everything is so CQC focused now and you can go to the end of the map in less than 15 seconds most of the time. I remember MW2 days where you had massive maps and it took a degree of skill to seek out enemies and kill them, now its just run around the map with your head cut off like a chicken.

They've also really screwed up weapon balance because everyone runs around with an ASM1 or BAL. Okay in previous games you always got a fav weapon loved by the people but all the other guns were almost just a good. In AW that's honestly not that true, same with BO2.

Now we've got the stupid future game coming out with robot arms, made up weapons and even smaller maps and less innovation than the last game.
I think this video sums it all up nicely:



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I look forward to Black Ops 3. Simply cause I wanna see what Treyarch can do with CoD on the PS4.
The idea of the supply drops are to make it more accessable to newbies and the casual gamer,so they can get cool stuff too withour having to do some crazy challenges.
I dont think Advanced Supply drops are pay for advantage,more like pay for 'possible' advantage. But honestly,not even that. I mean if you are a crap gamer professional or Elite variants of guns wont make you any better.And dont forget,you also get them free at lvl 20,30,40 and prestige.
And since Ghosts they have been adding micro transactions,but they are not pay to win,just cosmetic.Not even advanced supply drops in AW,as dont forget,you do also get them each time you reach lvl 20,30,40 and when you prestige.

Season pass price for DLC maps have been going since MW3 I think,not sure prices have changed much since then.

As for no end goal for the casual gamer,well should they also forget about hardcore CoD gamers?
Im glad they added another 15 prestiges,it gave me more to do.

MW3 was good,Black Ops before it was good.As was Black Ops 2,Ghosts for some reason I didnt like.
AW breathed some new life into CoD with those supply drops which IS good for casual gamers,gun variants and character customizations and also all the exo moments.

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