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Xbox One to Support 8 Controllers at Once


New Member
That's a really cool feature, it could make for some awesome offline multiplayer, it allows for enough people that you could actually do fun offline games of things like Halo


New Member
That sounds crazy, double the amount of players from the regular 360. I imagine it would only be useful for people with huge televisions though, maybe 60 inches or more. Eight people playing on a 22 inch TV would be complete hell for me.


New Member
That is not good unless you had a cinema screen. On a 40" TV it is small now for 2 players, but 8 on a 40" even worse. Also sometimes I play round a mates house and he has a 20" TV and you can't hardly see, so having 8 players on that screen would be hell. You would have to have a magnifying glass.


Professional Escapologist
Ok, one thing is having 4 people, which is fun and still controllable, but how do you expect 8 people in the same room, looking at the same screen? That is just a little too overboard.

...and how many games are even going to support this.


New Member
I imagine it's best suited for sports games. I can't really comprehend any TV in my house splitting into 8 screens.

Do you think they'll support one console for multiple TVs? That'd be a cool idea for something like offline 4v4 deathmatch.


New Member
You can have over eight people play on the system, but they can't pack two controllers in a blasted box... Seriously.


New Member
That should make for some interesting split screen gameplay :) I thought it was bad playing with 2 people on the same screen! Jeez, I'm gonna need a 100" 4K TV soon if I want to play with 8 other people.

Mikey Paine

New Member
I certainly can't imagine splitting my TV into 8 smaller screens, but hey, it's a nice feature. If it ever become relevant, than good. If not, no one gets hurt.

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