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Working on a video game soundtrack playlist......


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
So I noticed Spotify has a good amount of video game soundtracks on it. So I'm making the most kickass soundtrack playlist I can. List a game I should add, and if need be, song :) And go!


, , The Enforcer, ,
Do they have classics of Nintendo and Sega 16bit era? Then try Streets of Rage from the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive and Thunderforce IV.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Do they have classics of Nintendo and Sega 16bit era? Then try Streets of Rage from the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive and Thunderforce IV.

No and no :( Streets of Rage is a good one though. That would have been an awesome inclusion. Only thing on there is an album called Streets of Rage that was a foreign rap, stylized (album art and music) of the 16 bit era, lol. There's also mixed artists that have some 8bit or new renditions of 8bit games. I'll need to do some digging. Nothing I'm finding official from Nintendo.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Do you really sit and listen to this music?

I do all the time. It's perfect for working in an office or when I edit photos. I have ambient music when I'm trying to focus on my work, action music when I need to pick up the pace and slower music when I need (well more so want :) ) to slow down. Video game music is perfect because every soundtrack has a mixture of tempos, style, etc. Plus, there is some really kickass video game soundtracks if you just sit down and listen to the albums.

Why? You think it's weird? Would it be weird if I was asking for advice on good movie soundtracks? Besides, a very good amount of movie composers now compose for games (such as Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson Williams).


The Watcher In The Wings
Just look up video game soundtrack. I will edit this post with some that ive found

I figure this would be the appropriate thread to tell all of you im back from vacation and when i say im staying here for a bit i mean it this time :p


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I've been working on this playlist for the last few months. I have over 10 hours now and still growing it. If anyone wants the playlist, let me know and I can share it over Spotify.
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