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Wolf Among Us

I'm a massive fan of Telltale Games, the Wolf Among Us has been really good so far. However, I believe the Walking Dead Season 1 was better but both are highly rated games. I love the fact the you have the choice to change the story drastically even if game play elements might be stale at first, the story is what drives me to keep playing. Have you heard of their next project? It's going to be set in the Game of Thrones universe and my excitement levels are too damn high!
A game for anyone to try, especially the wolf among Us.


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I'm not really a big fan of fairy tale games, but I've got nothing to lose by checking it out. Who knows, It might surprise me- has happened to me before.


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I love Telltale's games. They are on to something big. I don't know how they are managing to handle all off their games that are in development right now, but they are doing it efficiently. I have played the first season and absolutely loved it.


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I've heard a lot of good things about this game. It's Tell Tale so I guess it's true, I've witnessed their greatness when I played The Walking Dead. But is it as good as the Walking Dead? I've seen some gameplay glimpse and I saw a talking pig?


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I'm a huge fan of Telltale Games. The depth they go into in terms of storytelling is incredible. They're amongst the best in the business for this - if not the best. Their 'The Walking Dead' is right up there amongst my favourite all-time games and I've thoroughly enjoyed playing both full seasons of it. I was sorry to see each episode and season come to an end. I rate this game very highly indeed and would recommend it to anyone who likes story driven games.

However, I never really got into 'The Wolf Among Us'. I played a couple of episodes but I never really understood it. It was too far-fetched and 'make believe' for my liking and I never bothered continuing on with it. I couldn't get the feel of it. I know it also has many fans and I've heard numerous positive things said about it, but it just wasn't for me... Therefore I have no plans to continue on with this particular title.

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Really, Hayman? It sucks you couldn't get into it, but I understand why, I guess. It's a more magical setting than Telltale's other games, so it requires more suspension of disbelief than their other games. I still found it pretty good and it was fairly grounded for its setting.

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