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Hi ppl!
I won a Corsair K57 Keyboard, but didnt work well on my PS5.
I tried to use him on wifi mode, using a dongle on PS5 usb, but just the CTRL and SHIFT keys work well... When ai plugin with a USB Cable he works well, but my PS5 is so far from my "player spot", because thiz i need a wifi / bluetooth keyboard.
I also tried plugin with bluetooth, but he is not compatible with PS5 Bluetooth.

Anyone just used a wifi keyboard on PS5 to refer to me?

PS.: Thinking in try a Logitech G613 or G915, but i didnt find any video or forum about using wifi / bluetooth keyboard on PS5. ;(
PS2.: My wireless mouse, a logitech G630, works well on PS4 and PS5 :eek:

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