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Who's excited with Heavenly Sword 2?


New Member
I have been thoroughly entertained with the original Heavenly Sword during the early years of the PS 3. Upon hearing news that Heavenly Sword 2 could be in the works, it got me excited right away. I can't wait to see Nariko in action again. I do hope that her adventure would be a bit longer this time around. Could the developers make a great sequel?

Clark Wayne

New Member
I actually ever played the first Heavenly Sword, only having seen gameplay videos of it. Still, from what I've seen, the game does look pretty great and looked like on of the better launch games for the PS3. News of a new game is exciting and I look forward to hearing more about it, especially since it could be released on PS4


Well-Known Member
I really have been missing out on a lot of popular games as I've never played Heavenly Sword either. :(


New Member
I can not honestly say it sounds like a very interesting game in my opinion. When I played the original it seemed too much like God of War but not quite as fun.
If they can mix it up enough then perhaps it could be a very good game seeing as the first one wasn't bad just a little bit of the same. I hope at least you enjoy it if I can't get into it.


New Member
I never had the opportunity to touch the first Heavenly Sword!
This will be the perfect opportunity to immerse myself in this world. It was announced on PS3, but I expected more for the graphics!

But I'm excited to know that this game can hide! This may be not a purchase unless you really impressed with this game


New Member
I was very excited about the first Heavenly Sword, but the gameplay turned out to be rather .. strident. I honestly didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I would and that's unfortunate. That said I may give this new one a try, but only after the reviews have come back.
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