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Who/What would win?


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Have you played the game with your buddies where you come up with something and discussion of a silly topic becomes very serious often involving physics and science.

Well this is the thread for it!

My first scenario is a classic. Who would win? Bear or Shark in knee high water.

The classic argument goes a little like this. Of course you think the bear would win. Look what he does to salmon. Well, all this shark is doing is trying to bite and it has the teeth to do it, sure, but its not going to be able to stop a bear from pulling it from the water. Wait wait wait, though my friends, we've never said what kind of shark the bear is fighting. It could be a great white and that would mean that it weighs between 1500 - 2200 pounds!

No bear is going to be able to stop that swimming mad evil from ripping into its bear like knees right? Well, how much water are we talking about?

Alright, so you get the hint lets play!


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lol Im sure we all played this..

Who would win in a fight with each other?

Spiderman or Batman? :eek:


My name is Adam.
Shark would rip the bears legs off in an instant, if the water is just high enough. Great whites have hugely powerful jaw strength that a bear could not punch it's way out of. Secondly, Spider-Man would win, it actually has a superpower and spider-sense abilities. Who would win out of Lara croft or faith from mirrors edge?

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