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Which to get for Christmas.

Jack Lovejoy

New Member
Christmas is coming up, so I want something for christmas, but I cant decide:

-Skyrim ps3

-Vanquish ps3

-Sonic Generations ps3

-Mass Effect 2 ps3

-or just get a goddamn ps4 (insert bundle with the game on it)

So, which one of these games should I get?


I Shall Finish The Game
If your PS3 is healthy and you feel you can get another year out of it stick with it. Skyrim is an amazing game, You should be able to pick up legendary edition for around $20. Unless you have played ME then you might want to skip ME2. Never played it but have been led to believe it fallows a story. If you want a PS4 get one. Look around, This time of year consoles are bundled with extra games or PS+.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
If you're looking to get Mass Effect 2, get the Trilogy box set. You get all 3 and it's around the same price at this point. All 3 are great games.
I would go for a PS4, it is much better in my opinion. Games are smoother and look better. Some great games out there, obviously not the same amount as PS3 yet, but getting there.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I'm gonna vote PS4 also. If you can get a game that sells for 15 bucks or a console, ask for the console ;)

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