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Which PS4 games did you pick up at launch?


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As the title simply asks, which PS4 games did you pick up at launch?

Did you pick up the Killzone: Shadow Fall Console Bundle? The not-very-well received Knack? Or are you simply just going to pick up the PS Plus freebies and wait for some more titles to release?


New Member
I don't own a PS4 but I have played a bunch of the games. So far I'm very impressed by Contrast, which is a cool indie title. Warframe is also pretty great. In fact I loved the entire indie section of the PS4 catalogue which is where I think a lot of gamer's will spend there time. Oh and Resogun is completely addicting.


New Member
I bought battlefield 4, need for speed rivals, and knack. Haven't played bf4 yet and I'll have to get back to on NFS. The pigs are all over me on that one so it's frustrating so far. Knack is cool but it's not for everyone.

I'm a fan of contrast and resogun. Pretty fun games for freebies.


New Member
I picked up Call of Duty Ghosts.. Love the story in it, love the new 'Zombies' mode.. Which is now called... err.. Extinction, with aliens! Absolutely hate the online mode... Nothing but campers, the spawning is a problem too.

Going to pickup Battlefield 4 :)


New Member
I imagine that a lot of people who didn't own any of the AAA on the launch list did that or upgraded if they did own it, if only to see the difference in graphics. But I hear a lot of people are checking out the free games like Warframe and Resogun is currently destroying right now. There just isn't much going on with the PS4 so it's the indies that are helping it right now.


New Member
Yeah, I see a lot of people are checking out the indie games that are out. There's a lot of chatter about Resogun and that it's pretty addictive which seems cool. And Warframe and DCUO have their fans. It seems like a lot of people are checking out the indie titles. But I already know what my first PS4 game is going to be, Watch Dogs.
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