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Which game are you excited for?


New Member
As we all know, there are many games coming out on launch date for the PS4. Whether it's exclusives, or games in general, which game are you looking forward to? I'm personally very excited for Knack since the public is giving a lot of attention to the game. It may look childish at first, but how many games have you played that looked childish? Anyways, this may be a game people will look back on such as Spyro, or any other nostalgic game you played for the PS1 or PS2. Knack is perfectly designed for this situation. Another game I've been looking forward to is Watch Dogs. I believe it's releasing for both the Xbox One and PS4, but I don't really care which one it releases for since the game looks fantastic. The graphics are pretty much next gen, and the world is huge. So many unique abilities make me want to play the game.

Kack, Infamous Second Son, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, Soul Saga, and whatever Media Molecule is working on


New Member
I think Battlefield 4 looks pretty awesome, i have never actually had a Battlefield game but i have played them to me they seem to hard but thats probably because everyone is pro at it but i am going to really try and get good at the new one to see how fun it can be because i have seen on youtube at like some really good players and watching them makes me want to to really play the game properly.
Im excited for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. I always loved the campaigns of these genres but I'm not a hardcore enthusiast in multiplayer. I don't find it intimidating like other games.


Well-Known Member
Number One for me is The Crew. I think that looks insane and really like the fact it takes you an hour and a half to drive to Las Vegas (I think it was Vegas from memory). So I reckon the world will be absolutely enormous!

DriveClub is another but would love to see more gameplay from the game. Hopefully we'll see this soon.

Infamous: Second Son and the new Killzone are two games I'm really looking forward to. The gameplay demo for Second Son was so good (gotta love those particle effects right? :D) and Killzone is Killzone, which I like alot and this new one looks to go in a separate direction but should still be amazing.

Watch Dogs and Knack are another two, but not as excited for as the mentioned above games.


Professional Escapologist
Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV. Of course that there will be some new titles that i am really sure i am going to get down the road, but those two are system sellers alone.


My name is Adam.
Actually, I too am looking forward to KH3, it's been a very long time, it'll bring back childhood memories.


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I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy, but honestly the games I'm most looking forward to are the new versions of the franchise titles, especially GTA, GOw, and Burnout. Of course, I'll be looking at the fresh new titles as well, but new games tend to take a while for me to properly grasp their greatness so I can't say I'm too much looking forward to the new titles just based on trailers.


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I'm excited for Watch Dogs and a lot of other games. I don't know how I'll afford it all, but damn it I'm going to try!


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killzone is the main reason id get the ps4. I would also like bf4 but i got it preorder on the ps3.
But if i end up getting a ps4 i will want bf4 on the ps4


New Member
The new Infamous and Kingdom Hearts 3. Cole is coming back strong for sure! I saw some screenshots and it looks amazing. Kingdom Hearts 3 on the other hand is something ive been waiting for, for quite sometime now, its about damn time!


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PS4 has so many compelling and exclusive games scheduled to be released with launch or after launch. They have yet to show up on Gamescom where they will reveal more exclusive titles for PS4. The lineup is looking great already. Here is my list of games I am excited for -

1.) MGS 5 - Not an exclusive like the last one, but hey, it's coming to PS4.

2.) Killzone: Shadow Fllas

3.) Infamous: Second Son

4.) Elder Scrolls Online

and so many more games.


New Member
I'm looking forward to Final Fantasy and the new Kingdom Hearts. I'll sink myself into those two for a good 3 months or so. I wish I was 12 years old again and could game all day everyday with a few breaks to you know, go to school and stuff :). I'm also looking forward to playing the new Madden on PS4. I want to see how the graphics differ from PS3. They better be a significant upgrade or I am going to be angry.

Are there any sports games that any of y'all are anticipating?


New Member
I'd have to say I'm most interested in The Division. I love post apocalyptic stories and this one seems to be more true to life than others. I'm also blown away by how interactions seem to take place, as they are much less based around crossing that invisible line; their integration seems a lot better, which is something I am eagerly anticipating from the next generation of gaming. Graphically? We can't go much higher than we've already gone. However, gameplay is only going to get better and more fluid over time, and I believe the PS4 will have plenty of titles to show that off.


New Member
I'm really excited for Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. I'm a dedicated FPS type of gamer, so it's only natural to want these games. With these new and improved graphics, i'm sure the graphics will be stunning. I've already preordered both games, only a couple more months wait!
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