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Where to buy 'classic/retro' system games?


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Been looking where to find games from past consoles/handhelds and PC versions,not any all games really,in particular Mortal Kombat ones.
Ive managed to a find a few on ebay (some are getting quite high prices now) bit wonder if anyone else knows of any?
I was googling last night but still looking for good places.

Just need to fill this criteria:

1.New is better but harder to find so used may be OK
2.Must be complete,not just cartridge/disc only etc.
3.Must ship internationally
4.Prefer payment via paypal,but not completely neccessary.

So,if anyone know of any good online places,please reply here.
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Hmm. That could be tough. New games that are retro and collectable, will fetch a high price. Even used and complete can fetch a high price. I dunno about Australia but here in the states, depending where you live, there could be some independent game shops that aren't GameStop or EB Games. Just have to search around for them I guess.

I had an idea before of tracking down retro games and consoles and fixing them if need be and selling them in an online storefront. Good to know that if I did decide to pursue this I have a market :)


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Ive found quite few online but always on the lookout for more.

Also just found out my nephew has MK3 on SNES,as well as Killer Instinct,BattleToads,Stuntrace FX and Donkey 1 & 2 on SNES,I may pick these up from him too if he's willing to part with all of them,although as I said,Im really only after MK games.
If I get the others from him I may ebay them,not sure.The Donkey Kong ones seem to be getting good prices.


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I called the placed by me and they didn't have any Mortal Kombat titles. If there are any other specific ones that you're looking for, let me know. I'll check back with them in a few months and see if they have gotten any traded in.


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Thanks,all good.

In the last few days Ive bought quite a few.
I bought a total of 13 MK games I think it was,8 of which are new/sealed the others I hope are in very good condition as their description said.
And will get the MK3 SNES one from my nephew so that will be 14.Plus I have 3 PS1 MK games of my own bought from new originally.

And no,not any other titles,just after Mortal Kombat titles.

Ill post a pic here when I have them all..lol


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Ebay. Always go with Ebay. Check the ratings of sellers to see what others have said, and only buy from those who seem trustworthy. You should be fine as you use some common sense however and don't buy from fishy sellers.


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Im no stranger to ebay so I always check ebay and already bought most of mine from there.AUS,UK and US.
But as I said,Im after sites other than ebay now too.


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Well, its hard to find these gems that you're talking about, I mean their basically antiques now and price would be at the higher steps. But the web has them I'm sure of it.


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Sometimes it takes a bit of digging but you will be able to find what you are looking for. Amazon is good with out of print books so you may be able to find older games. Google it and see what comes up.


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The cartridge based ones and those from the PS1 era will always be harder to find complete. While you're looking for MK games only, Oberon is Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Subzero on your list?


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Im not desperate for that one but yeah,maybe later sometime.
And yeah,Super NES,Sega MegaDrive/Genesis and Master System ones can get quite high prices on ebay depending on their condition.
Obviously I dont wanna pay a fortune for them but I dont want tatty ones either so its always a mission to find good quality item for a not to high a price.
And man,forget about brand new sealed ones,those go anything from S150-500 Ive seen.

Since starting this topic I have about 16 with 6 more in the post.


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Oh,found and top condition MK games there lately?

btw: Since I started this topic 2 years ago most prices have already gone up.

For eg managed to get MK game on Sega Dreamcast brand new sealed for good price at that time and now on ebay its doubled at the cheapest.


Sniper Kitten
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I been getting lucky at Goodwill but then again I work there :D
Say, um.......anything interesting?

This past Easter (so like 2 weeks ago, lol), my aunt was telling me that my cousin may end up selling his old games and consoles. This kid gamed up until he got married. He had everything from the Sega Masters system up to the PS3 I think. His game collection is extensive. He also used to review games so they would just send him stuff. I told my aunt if he decides to liquidate, let me have first dibs. A lot easier than tracking down stuff on eBay ;) I'll definitely take his Masters System, 32x, Sega CD and his Dreamcast.


Sniper Kitten
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Lemme know if he has any MK games in there.:eek:
Not that I have a chance at buying them I guess but just curious anyway.
Please. I'm keeping those for myself :p Though.....if the price is right ;) From what I remember, he kept his games in pristine shape. Manuals, original boxes, the whole 9 yards. He had the Michael Jackson game on the Genesis. I pray to god he still has that. Lots of fond memories playing that and apparently it's worth some scratch now. It's a game I'd never sell.
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He had the Michael Jackson game on the Genesis. I pray to god he still has that. Lots of fond memories playing that and apparently it's worth some scratch now. It's a game I'd never sell.
I had that back in the day.
Wasnt bad at the time.
Especially when you got o the end and got to play as that laser shooting robot :grin
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