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What's the first forum you joined?


If I remembered correctly, the first forum that I joined was The Forum Wheel and Forum Coin. But I was more active on The Forum Wheel more than I was on Forum Coin. Unfortunately, I'm more on Forum Coin now than The Forum Wheel.


Staff member
It doesn't exist anymore, but the first forum I joined was a GameCube website. I became staff, and moderator later.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
First site I joined was ps2web.com. Then I joined psx2central.com like a day or so later and posted there for a long time and took over ownership several years ago. This was all in 2001 so that's really dating me hahahaha.

It doesn't exist anymore, but the first forum I joined was a GameCube website. I became staff, and moderator later.

You remember which one? I had friends in high school who were on a couple.
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