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What size TV do you play on??

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Lately I've been feeling like I need to upgrade my TV... Like every guy I feel I could use a couple extra inches (lol)... So it got me wondering,

What size TV do you play your game consols on??

My brother came over and we played some split screen and he insists my money would be better spent on PS4 games and accessories,
I have a 39" insignia 120hz 1080p LED TV and sit 8 feet away from it.

Futureshop/bestbuy have a 48" insignia 60hz 1080p LED TV on sale for $389 right now I think and it got me thinking...
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Already here mate: http://ps4forum.com/20-off-topic-lounge/1361-what-size-tv-make-model-whatever-too-do-you-game.html

Please continue there.

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