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What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?


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Started playing inFamous: First Light last night.

Very good so far. I loved Second Son and am glad they made a standalone DLC game that had my favourite ability :) Although I can tell it's going to be a very short game. I played maybe an hour and am apparently 28% through the game already.


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I'm Playing Dragon Age Inquisition, I put 16+ hours in a save to realize that I could do the world state update from the page and etc, lol, I started over 0:
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I'm Playing Dragon Age Inquisition, I put 16+ hours in a save to realize that I could do the world state update from the page and etc, lol, I started over 0:

LOL!! Can you explain me please how the thing about that "world state update" works? Because I tried it but it seems it's working only with the previous DA games?


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LOL!! Can you explain me please how the thing about that "world state update" works? Because I tried it but it seems it's working only with the previous DA games?

Well it goes something like this:

You log in on: dragonagekeep . com/en_US/ and link your origin account, then it will read if u have any game, achievement or save from previous dragon ages (in my case it found origins and some save that i dont even remember where it was in the story) when you get that done, it lays out the "story so far" with a default template (here is how i figured it out with the help of my brother that has an elephant memory that the story i was playing on inquisition it was far from the "state" i left the world, SPOILER: i encountered the king Allistair and i got him killed and showed up in the default...) so... you get there and shape the general story (the tell tale way it gets presented its a cool reminder but it is general) then it lets you choose EVERY thing you could do in Origins and 2, from who you encounter to whom you romanced, absolutely detailed even the dlc's decisions, then when you are happy with the new world state you created, you upload it to your origin/ps4/game, then you start the game and it directly offers you to start the game with the new state (it has like 15 posibles states so you can have a default and a couple changed and whatnot so you can select the different options every time you start a game) then you start a new game with the world like you left it on the previous dragon ages..
hope i was clear :D


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Currently playing between metro redux, farcry4 and shadow of mordor
Have to say Metro is fantastic i love the setting, story is good i find and the gameplay although fairly linear is brilliant.
Farcy4 i love but only thing it lacks is pagan min barley in it at all.
Shadow of mordor ac/mixed with batman combat put in the tolkien world, what more do you want.


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As of right now I've been playing Far Cry 4 on PS4 - Been having a lot of fun on the Online :D


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Until recently StarWars Battlefront but havent played that for a while now however just started the Doom SP campaign..
Looks and sounds good,plenty to kill,upgrade and modify weapons as you go,usual find keycard to unlock further areas etc,enounter diff/harder demons as you go etc.
But it is fun and the more you progress the more you like it.


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I am currently playing Destiny and ESO. Both have their own merits but I spend more time on Destiny than ESO. The interesting part to me is that in order to get the most out of both games you really have to find or have a group willing to play with you. Both have a matchmaking feature for most things but it's just not the same as having a group of people you can run with. Randoms don't care if they ever meet you again...


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Downloaded the HD versions of GTA 3,Vice City and SA when they were on sale.
So currently playing GTA 3,if you can get past the dated graphics there is still some fun to be had it these.
I did have Vice City in the PS2 days but never had GTA 3 or SA,well I did get SA but much later but never played it.
Anyway,same graphics but upscaled to 1080P and the games also have trophy support,so that's nice.


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Bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for 8 bucks on Amazon. I just finished Human Revolution (can't believe I didn't play it back in the day but it was nice firing up the ole PS3 for some gaming) and wanted more. I only played an hour so can't get a full opinion on it. But so far, I like it.
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