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What PS4 Game Are You Currently Playing?


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What game are you currently playing for the PS4?

I'm currently playing a mixture of Assassins Creed: Black Flag and Killzone Shadow fall.

I did take this thread idea from the PS3 version of this thread.


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I did take this thread idea from the PS3 version of this thread.
Fair enough,I did edit your topic title to add 'PS4' so their is no confusion straight off.

OK,well as for me Im playing Ghosts and BF4..MP on both.


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Right now I'm still not done with Assassin's Creed 4 yet, haven't had much time playing games lately. I still have Killzone and Battlefield 4 that I haven't got into yet. Feels bad that I'm neglecting my PS4.
I alternate between BF4 defuse (if I can find a local server) and KZ MP mainly. Though I do occasionally have monster Resogun sessions!

I also have a digital copy of AC BF that I am yet to spend much time with.

I'm really digging defuse mode in BF4. Reminds me of old school Counter Strike. Its just hard to find anyone playing that have headsets and are actually interested in working as a team. When you find a good group of people it's an absolute blast.


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ACIV is the only game I currently own and the only game I've played so far. I'll probably be picking up KZ, but I may wait for Theif to get my next game


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Similar to a few people in this thread I'm playing the only game I own - Killzone: Shadow Fall

Epic multiplayer, poor single player - This game in a nutshell!


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Bored of the BF4, Killzone, and CoD multiplayers and beat the campaigns. Also finished AC:IV a couple weeks ago. Thinking about getting Escape Plan.


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Off and on? I've really been enjoying Resogun, which as many people have said is the best game for the PS4 right now. The fact that it was free doesn't effect my decision but it helps. Resogun is fast, looks great, and the music is pretty addictive. It reminds me a lot of just playing arcade games in the 90s. It's got a great old school feel to it and I can play for hours.


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I "mainly" play BF4, Tomb Raider, and the FF XIV beta as of right now. I've played a bit of CoD and AC BF, but haven't had a chance to really get into them, yet.


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I'm back to playing Sleeping Dogs at the moment, still have a bunch of unfinished games to get into though.


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It's the weekend, and that means a major FIFA session for me and my buddies. We end up playing for hours, and this is besides the matches we play sitting at our own respective homes!

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