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What PS3 game are you currently playing?


Well-Known Member
As the title asks: What game are you currently playing.

Currently, I'm playing between Red Dead Redemption and Okami HD - both great games.


New Member
Once I pick up my new PlayStation 3 in a week or two, I'll be playing a few different games. Meta Gear Rising, Uncharted Series, Resistance Series, God of War (The newer ones), and probably start playing M.A.G. again.


Professional Escapologist
Been replaying Dark Souls while expecting for 3d Dot Game Heroes, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, El Shaddai and Persona 4 Arena to arrive.
Don't know how it's possible, i already played that game so many times, but i just keep coming back to it!


New Member
2k13 here as well and Cod MW2. I cant get enough of these games.
But sometimes I also play some titles I bought and it would be such a waste not to play it but I do not enjoy much like GTA 5, Fifa 13 and others.


New Member
I am currently still playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I also occasionally play GTA, often online. I would like some new games but my budget doesn't really allow at the moment.


New Member
In my opinion the best game in the world is MLB The Show. It's so realistic, and it gets better every year. I play the franchise mode, and finish every game of the 162 game season. I'm from Detroit so I'm always the Tigers. Not to mention they're the best team in the league anyway! lol


Well-Known Member
Just started Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - me and my girlfriend are fans of the series so it'll be interesting seeing how this game turns out.

Plus started Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 on the 360.


New Member
I'm terrible and have a ton of games that I haven't finished yet, so I guess I'm still playing all of those! But of the ones that I'm actually actively playing, we've got:

- Skyrim (still working on my first playthrough of this, since there's so much to do)
- Fallout 3 (restarted this game with a new character, trying a melee approach)
- Red Dead Redemption
- Mass Effect 2

I've also got a few DS games going, like Chrono Trigger and Pokemon Black. I play those mostly when I'm on the bus going to and from school.


New Member
i am currently playing AC3. Black ops 2 every so often. Love the Ac3 gameplay as well as the story, very well made game.


New Member
Can i say it? I'm still playing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I now it's a classic but it's a very relaxing way to pass the hour. I don't even have to think so hard when I'm playing it.


New Member
Well, currently I am playing no games. I am playing Urban Terror which is a free online FPS game.

I am looking to get back into gaming soon though.


New Member
I'm currently playing NBA 2k13. I'm playing it in line with the playoffs. Since my team (the L.A. Lakers) was already eliminated, the only hope that they could win a championship is through a video game. It's like having an alternate reality and I'm loving every minute of it.


Well-Known Member
Currently playing Catherine and Red Dead Redemption on the PS3.

And Star Trek: The Video Game on the 360.


New Member
I'm playing Fallout: New Vegas. I'm doing a run-through in which I am doing all the DLC, thoroughly exploring every location on the map, and trying to do as many quests as possible without getting any quest failures. I'm getting close to finishing Old World Blues on it, and after that and Lonesome Road I'll be splitting the save files so I can complete every remaining story quest and get every faction ending. I've put 200+ hours into to it and loved every bit of it! (Except for the lag...)


New Member
I'm now playing Yakuza 5, and it's pretty alright so far. I haven't moved past the beginning stages yet, but I'm slowly getting into the challenges and mini-games. I've always enjoyed the previous versions of this, and since this plays very similar to them, it looks like I will enjoy this as well. The only thing I never liked about this series is you can't skip through cut scenes, but they also put in some cut scenes from previous versions which makes me nostalgic and happy, so I forgive them.


New Member
I am currently playing Fifa 13 and Burn Out. A friend of mine told me about the Fifa 13, that it's currently up to par with the Pro Evolution Soccer which I have been playing for years. On my first trial of the game, I felt really embarrassed at the game play because it still feels same and even more rigid movement. Though am trying to learn the game and get a hang of it as the weekend is here and we have to play with friends. As for my burn-out am never going to stop enjoying the game.


New Member
I've been busy with plants v. zombies, hoard, and God of War (playing through the entire series in order). My husband can't keep himself away from Rocksmith and plays it for hours and hours *sigh*. I also play several PC games AND work online so it all keeps me really really busy :)

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