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What PC game have you spent the most time playing?


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Probably Star Trek Online.

It's kind of sad, I have a gaming PC and my wife uses it to play Facebook games lol


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I'll have to go for WoW. It's either that or TF2. Both are guilty of stealing several months of my life. It's not even that I played them because I wanted to, I just couldn't stop. It's all your fault, Gabe.


I played a lot of Runescape and Morrowind a few years ago. That took up most of my free time after school.


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It's probably a tie between two multiplayer games: Counter-Strike 1.6 and Team Fortress 2.
They're both great fps, but the gameplay from this two are quite different. Team Fortress has changed a lot and it's worse in my opinion, it's more about trades than actually playing the game in my opinion. Counter-Strike is more simpler, but it's still really fun when playing with friends trough voice chat.

Pfft TF2 has nothing on CS. It simply pales in comparison.

I only play it as a break from CS from time to time.
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It's probably League of Legends now, since I play like 5 matches every week, and this is the minimum. It used to be Team Fortress 2, but the game started to get really heavy and my computer isn't that powerful. :/


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At recent I've put so much time into Game Dev Story. The Nintendo in that games universe is so hard to get a hand on when it comes to developing good games for it. PC is easy though: just make no "Young" games and mostly "Mature/Adult" ones. Casual titles don't work on PC either.

...pretty simple really.
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