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What PC game have you spent the most time playing?


New Member
Back in the day, I played a lot of Maplestory. I spent most of my free time getting those Mesos (currency ingame) and spent a lot of IRL $ as well. I regret it. Today, I've been playing a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I have quite a few hours logged on Steam, more than I'd like to admit. What takes up most of your gaming time?


New Member
Hmm, that's a tough one. I'm not sure if it's StarCraft or Roller Coaster Tycoon. They've both eaten my time more than any PC game I can think of. Then again, there were a lot of sequels and expansions for Roller Coaster Tycoon. So I suppose, for one single game my answer would have to be StarCraft: Brood War.


New Member
Huh. Never played Roller Coaster Tycoon. I have heard of it a lot, which is surprising because I wouldn't think that it would be a popular game. Maybe I'll try it out.


Professional Escapologist
This thread is heading places!
Both Maple Story (long live it, too bad that it sucks now) and RollerCooster Tycoon (that thing even ran on toosters, i even play it today sometimes) are great times and everyone should play it even if it's just once.

But i think Grand Theft Auto San Andreas really killed it for me back in the day.


New Member
Hah, yeah I tried playing Maplestory again about a year ago and it was horrible. Nothing like I remembered it to be, Nexon takes good games and turns them into crap. I hope I wasn't as annoying back then as the players seem to be now, spamming "L> FOR GF MUST BE COMMITTED TO LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP", haha.


New Member
I have spent way too much time on Runescape. I got introduced to the game by a friend way back in 2004. I really go into it around 2008 or so. I've maxed out every skill to 99, losing so many nights because of overnight grinding. It was a fun game to play overall, but what I had was a hardcore addiction. I recently quit only last year when I was 18.


New Member
The Age of Empires series. I played that game more than any other PC game. I would play it about 6-8 hours a day in college. I was so addicted. My mouse hand actually began to have skin wear off where I rested my palm on the mouse hand...it was that bad.


New Member
Completely forgot about Runescape! I spent a lot of time on that too, probably my #3 all time most played. Gotta get that fishing and woodcutting up!

Mikey Paine

New Member
Runescape would be answer as well. I certainly never had a full on addiction, I only got to level 90 or so but I really enjoyed playing it. Eventually you get to a point where there is nothing to do unless you pay, and I was never willing to pay since I never played consistently enough.


New Member
Bejeweled Twist. I love playing this game and I like the challenges part the most. I play the blitz and classic as well, but I am trying to beat all the challenges. I have only a few more to go but they get harder and harder the higher I go. I have every confidence that I will beat all of them it's just taking me longer than I expected it to. I do good with the blitz but I'm still trying to beat my highest score. The classic is more of a challenge and I sometimes beat my high score and I sometimes get beat by the bomb. Safe to say I am still playing.


New Member
I didn't have internet and my pc was too old to play the latest video games so I spent a while playing Age of Empires2 : The Age of Kings . I finished campaign, played in all difficulties and against all civilizations with and without cheat codes, I pretty much tried everything and never got bored of it.


New Member
Runescape would be answer as well. I certainly never had a full on addiction, I only got to level 90 or so but I really enjoyed playing it. Eventually you get to a point where there is nothing to do unless you pay, and I was never willing to pay since I never played consistently enough.

I see what you mean. I got to that point and ended up buying membership just to try it out. After that month, I ended up developing a full on addiction and kept my membership for more than 4 years.


New Member
I think over the past 3 years I've spent an almost freakish amount of time playing CS 1.6 in college. There was even a period of 2 months somewhere in between where I used to miss classes and play the game for 9-10 hours every other day, until I burned out and reduced the time I spent on it. Even then I think I must have clocked more than a thousand hours on the game. Don't think any other game comes even close to that.


New Member
Another game that I have spent a lot of time on was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I have over 30 days played on that game not even counting the campaign, custom games or Special Ops. I would do all nighters nearly every day during summer just playing Face-off matches with my other two friends. This game is by far the most played call of duty for me.


New Member
I would say Ragnarok Online. :) I wasted so much time during my high school days playing this game. I almost got kicked-out because I was cutting classes just to play this game. Haha. Right now, it just brings back old (but good) memories. :)

Another game would be Red Alert 2 :) and Yuri's Revenge. XD Also, Battle Realms. Bwaha! Ohhh


New Member
This is an easy one for me. Ragnarok Online was by far my most played game. I spent hundreds of hours trying to level up and make my character stronger. I also spent a lot of time browsing various Ragnarok forums to get ideas for builds, see how the game goes in other countries, and simply to chat with fellow players. I really miss those good old days!


New Member
I agree with you on Maplestory! I played it pretty much for 2 years in a row and then it started getting worse. Once they added the overpowered jobs it went down hill from there. I miss the days where everyone was equal and it didn't matter what job you played as. Now all the game is is a race to get to level 200.. Obviously other people still like it because its only growing in popularity.. I also played a lot on Minecraft, I love being creative in games and really just making your own play style.
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