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What is your gaming 'To Do' list?


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Everyone has stuff they really want to finish off, perhaps a goal of getting a platinum trophy?

Well I think we should post our gaming 'To Lists' just for a bit of fun.

My goals right now are to platinum Watch Dogs and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. I'm very close :D


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Nice idea.

Well, starting fresh with a new account, I have a few PS3 titles that I played a year ago on it (Red Dead Redemption, GTA V and Resistance: Burning Skies). I'd like to platinum RDR once more, GTA V I'll just wait for the PS4 version, and Resistance: Burning Skies is something I'd also like to platinum once more - but do not have a Vita anymore, although I would like to get one again as I'm going away for a month in December and would like to have a Vita accompany me :))

So with that, I want to do the following:

- Try and go for the Red Dead Redemption platinum again (which I imagine will be more challenging this time around)

- Try to recreate a world I made a couple years ago in Minecraft when I played it on the Xbox 360.

- Maybe try to clear some backlog. Got quite a few PS3 games I'm still yet to touch.

- Finish off the "Uncharted" series. Haven't played the third one as of yet, but have gone to play it several times over the past couple years lol.
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For the PS3? Hmmm...I'm pretty much done on this front, I feel. I've done most of what I wanted to clear over the course of this year. I'm not really interested in buying anything else for it now. The games out there for it that I haven't played or owned are now mainly titles I don't particularly have much interest in.

I know for a fact I haven't completed/finished Red Dead Redemption but I've got to be honest, I can't be bothered now... I never really got into it in the first place when it was new out.

I might have a bit more fun over the next couple of months on GTA5 and Minecraft (finally found some diamonds!), before it's confined to the attic when a PS4 hopefully turns up just after Christmas...


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Hmm. I like this thread. Here's my list

1) Want to play Beyond Two Souls again. It's a very under rated game and it is an astonishing story.
2) Finish Dragon Age: Origins. Keep playing it for a few days then stop. I really need to just sit down one weekend and just play for hours
3) GTAV. Haven't beaten it yet
4) A few PS2 titles I never completed
5) Killzone 3
6) LA Noire (bought and never installed it)
7) Everything I have ever bought on a Steam Sale.


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At the moment probably play through The Last of Us on PS4 again to get trophies.(New game plus mode)
Im in no hurry though,and not even 100% if I will.


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My to do list is to complete Call of Duty on S7800b game console, I have played it many times, but never completed it.


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My to do list is to complete Call of Duty on S7800b game console
I have a JXD S602,had it for about a 1.5 years now and a while back I started looking at the JXD S7800B handheld on and off for some time but eventually decided against getting it as I rarely play on handhelds.


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Mine is
Evil within
Wolfenstien new order
Shadow of mordor
Those 3 games I wanna finish! They are so long
For the rest of my Games, I've finished them except infamous first light, which was a very bad choice on my behalfView attachment 557
These games are my favorite for P.S. 4. I've already finished the last of us ages ago, Destiny is pretty much impossible to finish besides the story.
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I only finish campaigns and enjoy it, I'm not after trophies.

Currently I borrowed Last of Us from my friend, I'm gonna finish that until CoD modern Warfare comes out.


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I have many titles which I would like to finish but everytime I dont have a time. Anyone have the same?

My list "to do" for now:
-Platinum in Sherlock Holmes
-Finish campaign in Cod Ghosts
-And finish all games from PS Plus (August, September, October)

Sorry, my English language isnt so good.


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My to do list right now it is to get the platinum trophy in CoD: Ghosts and finish the story of The Last Of Us Remastered and WatchDogs hopefully before CoD: Advanced Warfare comes out.


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I buy loads of games and finish the storyline{Sometimes Extra's} on each and every game.

I have around 400 games and still need to finish around 35 of them.
That is my current goal, beating those 35 games still left.

Although CoD takes most of my time now, beating it on Highest Difficulty again.
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