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What is the one reason you wouldn't get a Vita?


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I know the Vita hasn't had the same sort of support or enthusiasm as the PSP did, but I never really understood why exactly. Of course, I'm biased because I like and own a Vita - I enjoyed the tech as well as the games that have been released on it. I also like the possibilities and such. But this isn't about me... what exactly is it about the Vita that turns you off personally?


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To be honest, the PS Vita could be a great console! There was just one problem.
For starters, there is no game!

Sony will manage to go up the slope, but the PSP / PS Vita are made ​​in Japan. They are fans of such consoles.
Then the 3DS is dominating. It is difficult to coexist both consoles.

Then the PS4 is coming. A player will prefer spending money on the PS4 on the PS Vita. For me, the PS Vita is for RPGs.
When will that I accept to buy a Vita.:cool:


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I like it because it's good for gaming.

I hate it because there aren't that many games.

Come on Sony, I know you're hard at work with the PS 4. But what do you intend to do with the Vita? Would it just serve as a controller for your next gen console? I expect more from you.


My name is Adam.
no decent gaming line-up for one, and needs more commercially acceptable multiplayer ability.


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The one reason I haven't got the Vita is because of the lack of selection for games. Most people would agree with me that the Vita just doesn't have enough games to provide a successful handheld system. It also doesn't help that im not a huge fan of handheld gaming even though I bought the Playstation Portable.


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I never got it because the price never went down that much for it. There are some games I'd like to play on it too, but eh until the price drops I'll just have to deal with it.


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The reason I've yet to get a Vita is because it only has a few games I genuinely really want to play which is sad, I would have hoped it'd have a better line up. Also I've just not been able to convice myself to spend that much money for the various things I need for the darn thing. I can do and play more with my money buy either just saving it or using it to buy cheaper games that I've yet to play and already have the platform to play it on.


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The Vita has sadly fallen into a bad cycle. No one buys it so there are no good games, and there are no good games because no use is buying it. The only way to break this mold is to invest in some really killer app titles that will pull people in, and currently it only looks like it's working in Japan, whereas in the West things are very bleak and there is very little marketing for this console too, it just doesn't feel exciting to desire a PS Vita.


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I came from the side of not wanting a Vita to now thinking that I would enjoy it. Using it for the week that I had access to it I can say that you do have to be careful with how long your hands stay in certain positions because its a larger device. It feels like it could strain your ligaments in your hand and make it more difficult to have longer gaming sessions. Some of the games also use the touch mechanics and its really cheesey and not fun, but that's not necessarily the Vita's fault that the game/studio fault for using the shit mechanics as an out.

Otherwise its a pretty decent device. You could argue that your smartphone is the only gaming device you need, but my thought is that the battery on the Vita is much better.


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Sometimes I think that, at the end of the day, the only thing that keeps handheld consoles alive is Pokemon. Which, obviously, will always be Nintendo-exclusive. For that reason, I suspect that no handheld will ever be able to compete with a Nintendo handheld.


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First of all, I was against PS Vita and assumed that tablets are more than enough to keep gaming. But, now my opinion has changed because the hardcore gameplay experience and games offered on the platform is nowhere compared to what I see on iOS or Android. The touch screen experience combined with excellent button combo allows gamers to play as they would on a PS3 console which is exciting. This is more than just one reason, I guess, for me to buy a PS Vita.


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I've never really been a big fan of handheld consoles and to be honest I think the Vita like the PSP is a little gimmicky, so if I was going to buy a handheld console it would more than likely be a DS. The touchscreen in the Vita just looks a little annoying to me and I've played a little of the original PSP and that wasn't incredibly fun.


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I do own one but it was a while before I did. My main reasoning was because although I really liked the hardware, there simply weren't any games that I wanted to play on it. I was also really disappointed to hear it wasn't compatible with PSP UMD disks because there were a number of games I wanted to play and now I just have to hope that the ones I want to play have or will get a PSN release.

I ended up getting it to play Persona 4 Golden and there are a few quirky Japanese titles coming out soon that I'm also interested in. I'll probably buy a PS+ account at some point as well because most of the 'must play' games are available on that service.
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My name is Adam.
I don't play handheld devices enough, for that matter, i dont even play games on the phone - so unless its bundled with the ps4, its out for me,.


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Well for me, as much as I like console games, I don't really get enough time at home to play them because I'm always at Uni or doing other things. I'm on public transport a lot so my 3DS and Vita get a lot of love. Thankfully enough you can now get enough content on portable devices that you can basically get the console experience on a handheld anyway (Persona 4 Golden, Kid Icarus Uprising and various others are good examples of this) and I tend to treat the hour-ish gameplay sessions like reading a few chapters of a book before bed or a TV series. Just builds suspense. ;)

But that's just me and it might be completely different for you.
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I like it because it's good for gaming.

I hate it because there aren't that many games.

Come on Sony, I know you're hard at work with the PS 4. But what do you intend to do with the Vita? Would it just serve as a controller for your next gen console? I expect more from you.

I think this sums it up. It's a great piece of hardware but flops because developers don't care enough and Sony doesn't push enough. I have a good feeling that this rumored PS4/ PSVita bundle is real (or at least I hope).


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I don't like the interface, the console design, and the highly priced proprietary memory cards. I'd probably overlook all of these if the console itself was half the price, even the expensive Sony memory cards, but seeing as I would feel like I'd be getting the short end of the deal, I just opted not to purchase it. I'd rather just wait for a second version if they would make one, and if not, I'll probably just buy one when they are way cheaper.


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I think it's too pricey for a game console that offers not that much of a game selection. I've a PSP and I think it's great because of homebrewed games and its portability but Vita just lacks the support the other consoles had, and still have. I'll hang on to my PSP, tablet, and windows devices rather than spend it on a Vita.


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I think as others have said that the console is quite pricey for what it is and i already have a psp which has quite good games on it so i don't see why i should get the psvita its just the same with newer and possibly little bit better games.
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