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What is the oldest game you could remember playing?


New Member
The oldest game I could remember playing is PAC-MAN. But later down in the years came The Mario Brothers on Nintendo. I remembered when my parents surprised me one christmas morning with a Super Nintendo and my first Super Mario Brothers cartridge game. One of my favorite games was Super Mario Go Kart Racing. From ever since I felt in love with their games and continued playing with my siblings.

What I love about Mario Kart there's many ways to play this game. You can use weapons in different ways to defeat your opponents by aim for the lead, drift and boost or play it safe in the back to boost forward to 1st at the end of the race. You can take the safe route or you can take the shortcuts. It doesn't matter how you play as long as you reach the finish line. Mario Brothers is still a blast from many years and even better than before.



New Member
The earliest games I can remember playing were on my brother's Atari STE, circa 1988/89. My favourite game at the time was Gauntlet 2. I still clearly remember the sound effects in my head after all these years (the strange feminine-like voice warbling being one of them).

Also on the same machine I used to play 'Rockstar Ate My Hamster' – another old favourite of mine which used to make me laugh. Then there was the original 'Pac Man' (black background, blue walls) and another old favourite of mine – 'After Burner'.

There was also a car racing game in there – 'Overlander'. I remember the music in this being very catchy for it's time but unfortunately the game floppy disc went a bit funny if memory serves me. When it was loaded, only the music would play on a blank screen… I remember keeping the floppy disc just for the music and was sad I couldn't play it any more…

Another game I remember was in infant school. I think it was just called 'Lander', where you flew a triangle shaped object across rocky looking terrain. Land too quickly or bump into the ground and it would smash…

Cpt Blackadder

New Member
I'm one of the "ahem" older members here.

I used to play this on the classic atari 2600

Then i had a zx spectrum 48 K with keyboard overlay and played this !!!

You young en's don't know how good you have it today! LOL These games were awsome in their time :)


New Member
This particular sports game for the Atari is what I remember.

I likewise recall this game as well, though I cannot believe that this is the video game version of the hit TV series MASH.

And this old PC game as well - F29 Retaliator, a flight sim game and one of my earliest games on the PC.



New Member
The earliest I can remember is Adventure on the Atari 2600. I'm sure I've played some before that as I am older then the hills, but that's the one I remember.


New Member
Pong would be the oldest followed by PacMan. Just like now games evolved and PacMan was a huge step up the technology scale compared to Pong.


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Hmm. The two I remember was on the NES. Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt (same cartridge :) ) and Bill Elliotts Nascar Challenge or whatever the hell it was called.


New Member
Well, i'm going to sound like a really old guy, but the first video game i played was pong. I remember when my dad brought the console home and we all gathered around the TV set wide eyed watching my dad connecting all the stuff. I remember it came with a brown plastic rifle. We used to have shooting competitions every night. I remember thinking that nothing could be better than that little console. If only i knew what was still to come over the next few years.


New Member
I guess it was Super Mario World on the first GameBoy. I'm not sure if I've seen some N64 games earlier, because I remember having one, but the first memory of gaming was Super Mario World.



The very first game I have ever played.


New Member
My first console was the NES, which came with a cartridge which had Mario Bros., Tetris and a soccer game, so my oldest game is Tetris I guess.
Didn't play it much though, the soccer game was tons of fun and Mario was Mario :)


New Member
Pac Man and I go way back. Its amazing how much the games have changed and improved in the process. The Pac Man seems like ancient history compared to what is out there today.
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