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What games/things did you get for Christmas? Or Boxing Day ?


New Member
Hey guys. I'm thinking of picking up far cry4 today on Boxing Day. I didn't get any games for Christmas cause I wasn't so sure on which one to get, but I think I'll jump in for far cry 4.
I got a new cologne, shower gel, engagement cutlery and plates with fancy glasses.
Oh in case y'all didn't know I got engaged 2 weeks ago to a beautiful lady ☺️, so her mother got us those presents.

It kinda sucks growing up cause we don't get much after the age of 18 lol.
What did you guys get for Christmas ?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
Hmm. Got shower gel, the PlayStation Camera, Borderlands: The Presequel, a new keyboard for my computer (mechanical :) ), Little Big Planet, a couple movies and few other random knick knacks. But yeah, it does suck as you get older, but then again is different. What I mean is, as you get older, the gifts you got when you were a kid that you thought were a waste (like socks, underwear, the stuff you didn't look forward to) you look at as you get older and think "hmm, I can actually get some use out of this".


New Member
I got myself a PS4 for christmas. Does anyone think it's weird I spent about $100 extra just because I prefer the white one?


Sniper Kitten
Staff member
I got myself a PS4 for christmas. Does anyone think it's weird I spent about $100 extra just because I prefer the white one?

No. I did that and took a day off work to buy it. Rather spend the extra money and get what I want. No regrets :)


Well-Known Member
Oh. I've never tried Xbox. Not really interested to try it lol. I'll check out the reviews

im like you there haze i have a 360 too but i am more for Playstation then xbox

Well I was a huge Xbox guy for about 2 years, but decided to check out the PS3 (around 2009 I believe?) and loved it so the Xbox took a back seat up until now. Now, I've burnt myself out on Playstation so I've been on the Xbox 360 a lot more during the past week or so, playing things I've missed out on. You could say right now my love for both systems is 55% Playstation - 45% Xbox. You may throw your tomatoes at me now...


I Shall Finish The Game
I ended up buying Dragon age inquisition, Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and trials fusion all with seasons passes. I also bought the season pass for Advanced Warfare. I won't be bored in the foreseeable future. The 2 TB HDD which ends up being 1.77tb will nicely hold all the games I have so no more deleting for a bit.:Onya


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I got AC Unity and Far Cry 4

My parents offered to buy them for my Christmas so it saved me spending my own money. So far I've been enjoying them both.


New Member
I got a PS4 with COD AW, AC Unity, Destiny, Fifa 14, Shadow of Mordor, TLoU Remastered, a headset and 12 months PS+
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