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What do you look forward to with Assassin's Creed Unity?


New Member
I recently watched a few videos on YouTube and one of which said that there will be no naval combat! of which i was quite glad to hear as i didn't really like it. They also confirmed that there will be no counter moves thus, extending combat and making players think about getting past a large group of guards by killing one and the counter attacking the rest. I was over the moon to hear that but at the same time rather upset as usually when i get bored i like to go on quick little rampages, i find that quite fun. I was also glad to hear about the confirmed co-op, yet once again upset to hear that there will be no PVP multi-player. I rarely go on the multi-player anyway but when i do i find it quite enjoyable i hope that they bring that back in a later update or something like that. I also noticed that when i went onto Uplay to view what the new action and rewards are, i looked at the rewards first. Only to find that they will all cost 500 points, at first i was shocked as to why they were so expensive then i thought "they must have high rewarding actions". Of which they did, 500 points for completing each which i found much more acceptable. Now my only hope is that they bring back the horses because let's be honest here they've always had a faster method of travel with the whole boat scenario and in past games they have all had horses other than AC: Revelations i think, correct me if i'm wrong but i hope that this is just as fun of a game as the past ones. Maybe even more educational. We can hope nothing but improvement as we get closer to the release date...


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Not much honestly. I've gotten tired of the Assassin's Creed games. I was into the first three and beat all of them but since then I haven't picked up any of them. I feel like they try to do too much, like the naval combat.


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yeah i couldn't agree more. The whole pirate theme was just a little bit weird to me too, and the fact that outside the animus you couldn't even run in the appalling first-person character who had no relation to anyone and the aim of the game was to get enough footage for a movie seemed a little bit far fetched. I think they should of just kept to their roots and stayed original to Desmond by maybe even bringing a son into this. I think that would be a complete drama bomb as no one would know who the mother is. The whole "assassin" thing has gone to nothing as it was, a innovative game about the assassin order fighting templars, the game has continued this by keeping Abstergo in it but the fact that Edward has nothing to do with it other than a movie. Quite ridiculous. However he does become a friend of the assassins in AC4. i'm glad that they're taking back to the roots if Desmond is even involved at all


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I'm really excited for multiplayer! I think it'll kind of breathe new life into the game and really switch it up to keep not only my interest but the interest of others as well. Then again, I see how it could be extremely frustrating, but I'm not expecting it to be. I'm just hoping my friends will have a similar schedule as me! I'm looking forward to a female assassin as well, and I think the setting is going to be really cool. I wasn't too awfully impressed with any of the other settings save for Black Flag, but I'm looking forward to Unity as it's more of a relatable period to me.


New Member
I agree with you on the horse part. I used to enjoy riding horses in the first Assassin's Creed and it would be great to see them again in Unity. I am expecting a better gameplay and a unique storyline with Assassin's Creed: Unity. I just hope they don't end up making the game too repetitive.
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