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What are your reasons for getting a ps3 instead of a xbox 360?


New Member
I am a Playstation fan. Been playing games on the PS brand since the original Playstation,the squared one not the slim version). My only console was the PS2 so it's only natural that I bought the PS3. It's a launch console that has backwards compatibility and it is still running strong until today. The second console where I didn't have to buy a replacement.


The Watcher In The Wings
now see i had an xbox 360 for the longest time. i got a ps3 so i could play exclusives. my console was broken becuase it would connect to the internet so that didnt last long. i then got a ps4 becuase of the 1080p


New Member
I wanted to play Last of Us and Ni No Kuni. Most of the 360 exclusives were shooters or stuff that was already on PC. Either console would have been my first from MS or Sony.


New Member
I've had a playstation ever since I was young.. So it just of just went PS1 > PS2 > PS3. Pretty simple reasoning, if you ask me, ha.


New Member
It is like a legacy. I played through all the previous playstation generations. So I continue doing the same thing with expectaions. I mean I had an xbox and in my opinion it was horrible and I didn't like most of the exclusive games. I am not an FPS person. Beside, I like Japanese games so Playstation and Wii for me :D


New Member
The exclusives games mate. I mean, PS3 have tons of them and most of the m are single player games which is what I love to play.


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Legacy. I grew up with ps1 then I had ps2 so I had to get ps3. I am used to it and used to the controller.


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Better controllers, better exclusives like The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls (Forza would be great though) and of course, free online gaming. You may have more downtimes in PSN than in Xbox Live, but hey, at least the PSN service is running stable. Xbox Live laggs sometimes, I noticed that a few times already.
True reasons!

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