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What are your reasons for getting a ps3 instead of a xbox 360?


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I got the PS3 first at launch and picked up the 360 sometime later. I got the PS3 due to being a long time Sony fan, but by the time of PS3 it really didn't matter if I picked that or the 360 for the most part. The only thing worth getting were the games out of Sony's camp.


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I got a PS3 mainly because I typically picked up Nintendo and Sony consoles. The accessibility of online without needing to pay a service clinched it.


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Yeah I've mainly been Nintendo, Sony, and when they had a console Sega. Once Sega went games only I was mostly Sony and then Nintendo.


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Prior to PS3 I had both PS2 and Xbox and was more impressed by PS2's variety of games. While I was interested in the 360, I just saved up more and got a PS3. I feel it was a good decision in the long run. While I have PS+, I enjoyed playing MP without an additional service and the games I've been getting with my PS+ membership have been pretty damn good consistently.


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Better controllers, better exclusives like The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls (Forza would be great though) and of course, free online gaming. You may have more downtimes in PSN than in Xbox Live, but hey, at least the PSN service is running stable. Xbox Live laggs sometimes, I noticed that a few times already.


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Most of my friends had it anyways so I got one with them. I don't really care about the games since I play on the PC more than I do on the consoles. The free network really helped because I don't want to pay for something I use only 5 times a month.


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Exclusives and most people in my family and a few of my friends had a PS3. I eventually got a 360 though.


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At the time my main reason was MGS4 (I bought the PS3 bundle that came with it) and MGO. But I ended up loving many games from Sony's 1st party developers and that was pretty much the main reason why I also bought a PS4.


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My reason was simply due to the games. I usually like the ps platform-only games more than the xbox platform-only games so I've always gone with the ps over the xbox. Also, the fact that you can transfer games to your friends much more easily through the playstation is a special bonus. I've recently opened up to the xbox though.


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I got a PS3 first mainly for more diverse exclusives compared to 360. However, you strip those exclusives and they're both interchangeable outside of the online features.


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Well the PS3 has a lot of exclusives that are simply off the chain. MOst of the games that I buy on the PS3 that are exclusives are good games. Like the I Uncharted series. Other than the Last of Us game there is no other game that I had the most fun playing like I did playing the Uncharted games. I ended up getting a 360 after but I really really really love my PS3.


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PS3 has better exclusives. You have all the Naughty Dog brand which is enough to force you to buy a PS3. PSN or SEN will be charged but now it's still free. I've seen countless XBOX get RROD and very few PS3 get the same. But maybe it's just luck.


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I got a PS3 first mainly for more diverse exclusives compared to 360. However, you strip those exclusives and they're both interchangeable outside of the online features.
Pretty much. While I've always preferred the PlayStation family of exclusives, by the time PS3 and 360 rolled around there were really no more distinctively PlayStation games. Like initially GTA was hands down a PlayStation game when it came to console (GTA appeared on PC as well, but there's a reason why at one point PC was considered outside of the realm of console gaming), Final Fantasy in the 90s-early 2000s was distinctly PlayStation after years of being distinctly Nintendo.

The last time there were multiple consoles with distinctly-X console titles was with Xbox/PS2/GC/DC where you could hands down say "This is a PlayStation game. I can't see this game on GameCube or Xbox." Now and days with the heavy focus on graphics, a lot of PlayStation 3's exclusives don't have that same effect. It's more like "This is a PlayStation game and while it won't be multiplatform, if it was it would be the same experience due to mirror control schemes."

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I got a 360 first but the great Japanese exclusives for PS3 made me get one. I just lost it when Persona 5 was announced for PS3!

Also PlayStation Plus which I waa already subscribed to because of my Vita.
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My gaming PC died and couldn't be revived and I didn't have the £1500 spare that I spent on it a few years back so after researching Linux OtherOs and having been a huge PS1 and PS2 fan it really was a no-brainer.

Bluray over hddvd any day of the week and we even got HDMI as standard and free network access. Those were the good old days!!

Cpt Blackadder

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I got both, love them both.. it's all about the games for me :)
Some look better on one console, some work better on the other. The thing that seperate's things is exclusives, and people's own gaming tastes :)


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Far better game selection, PSN and I just really do not like the xbox much at all. Plus online is free.
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