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What Are You Going To Do With Your xBox 360?


New Member
I started this thread because I saw this thread (ps4forum.com/32-playstation-4/2085-what-you-going-do-your-ps3-launch.html) but that's only for PS3 owners and I figured we needed one too :cool:

So for those of you getting a PS4 what do you plan to do with your old xBox 360?

I imagine they will get REALLY hard to sell after the holiday season. You'll see them flood the market (dropping prices) from the day after the PS4 launch all the way through a month after Christmas when all the deal hunters have snapped up the last ones. SO if you're gonna sell you better make a decision and sell it soon!

As for me, well, I have 3 :). So I'll keep 1 for my daughter who has a lot of friends on xBox Live and then I'll sell the other 2. They are worthless to keep as streaming devices sing Micro$oft makes you pay for xbl just for the privilege of using your own internet connection.


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I am going to keep mine. I have a good collection of games of my Xbox 360 and there are still some games that i have to beat. I was thinking about selling it but i don't think that would be the best thing at the moment.


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Keeping it obviously. I am not going to buy the XBox One and have a decent amount of games for XBox 360. Selling the entire lot will be a pain and not worth the effort. Plus, I didn't have to pay for my XBox 360, so no point getting rid of it.


New Member
Especially do not sell your consoles. I'm a PS3 owner, but I think even the players should keep their Xbox console.

There certainly has games that you have not bought or tried 360. Imagine if one day you want to fall into the nostalgia of your good old Xbox 360 games.

If I débar***erait my console, I try to have a good wholesale price at least.
Looking to sell on the internet as on Ebay.

Otherwise, you can always come to a tower on the PS3. ^ ^


New Member
If I still had my 360 then I would do the same thing I am going to do with my PS3, keep it. I really have no reason to get rid of my PS3 and would also have no reason to rid myself of the 360 either seeing as I do not plan on getting either next-gen console anytime soon and would still love to play my older games seeing as neither are backwards compatible.


New Member
I will be keeping mine for awhile, I have a good amount of games and I still use it enough to warrant keeping it. If I ever find myself not using it very much than I'll most like donate it to some kid that would appreciate it more than me.


New Member
I'm definitely keeping my Xbox 360 as well. I have too many memories on that thing to just give it away. I know it's just going to lay around gather dust, but that means I still have it.


New Member
Keep it I think. There isn't a very big market for selling it, and there are still lots of games I haven't finished. Plus, they will still be releasing new games on the 360 for a little while still. So it still has some shelf life.


New Member
I'll end up just keeping mine as I have some games I'll always enjoy playing and it'll be nice to play them whenever. Either that or I'll give it to a less fortunate family member as a present. Either way, I want it to still get use, so I figured the charity route is probably the best way. I'm still not buying a next GEN console until more games come out, so I'll cross that bridge when the time comes


New Member
Meh I'll keep it. I'm not particularly fond of it, but there are some games I haven't gotten around to--multiplatform games--that are typically cheaper used than PS3's used games. I'll end up selling it eventually.


New Member
I'll be keeping it for a few months, i'm still wanting to play heists on GTA Online.

Whenever that may be... :confused:


New Member
I'm going to keep it, along with my games, so 20 years from now when I have a family I can enjoy the system that I loved during my teenage years.


New Member
I can't really sell it for much now that there aren't many people willing to buy this old piece of hardware. I love the xbox 360 but I really have no use for it anymore now that I have better consoles so either I'll give it to my younger cousins or just sell it for less than 50 dollars :(


New Member
I'm going to end up using my xbox 360 as a backup DVD player just in case the other DVD players are occupied around the house. Hardly will expect that to happen so there's going to be quite the dust building up on it.


New Member
I am keeping it because as I have always been telling all of my friends I don't think that there will be any console that will come out that will ever be able to make me enjoy the gaming experience as much as the Xbox 360 has been able to make me love gaming. It is one of the best consoles that I have ever bought and I think the reason that I like it so much is because it has so many games for it.


New Member
Never owned one, but if I did, I would keep it. We keep all our old consoles here. Heck just my wife has a Casio Loopy around here somewhere lol


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I never bought one buy my nephew is an xbox fan.
Had his original 20GB 360 Pro fixed a few times for RROD and replaced once too.It happened again and he gave up and bought another one,the 360 Elite.
He did however give his RROD'ed old 360 to me (with cables and 1 controller),it still has'nt been fixed and I have it boxed up sitting in a wardrobe.
Dunno if I will ever get it fixed,prob not worth it.

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