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What Are You Currently Playing? (PC/Xbox/Wii)


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I thought it would be a good idea for us to have an active thread for everyone to talk about what they're playing. Then we can talk about impressions and stuff to get conversations going.

Right now I'm playing my way through Assassin's Creed IV on my PS4. I feel like everything that can be said about this game has been said already. I got a few hours into it on my PS3, but it just never clicked for me. Then on my PS4 I decided to fire it up again and have been absolutely loving it so far. This is the only AC game where I've felt like I had to play more than 2-4 hours.

For my 3DS I picked up the new Mario Golf last week. It's more Mario Golf, so exactly what I expected. I'm having fun with it in small doses.

Also on PC I'm playing Fearless Fantasy. It is kind of a parody of Final Fantasy and JRPGs in general, with a unique combat system. I don't know how much I can talk about it right now, but it's worth looking up if that sounds interesting to you.

So, what are you guys all playing?
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Sorry mate, but a thread like this already exists

But I'll keep this open and we can have it for PC, Xbox and Wii games :) I'll just retitle the thread. Sound cool?

No worries. If this is what you guys think would be best.


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At the moment I am playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 on the PC. I had an old Madcatz MC2 steering wheel for the old PlayStation 1 laying aroung and I thought I would put it to good use. So I went on amazon.com and bought a PlayStation 1 to USB converter to see if it would work and voila, it worked perfectly. I haven't been able to stop playing Test drive ever since.


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Currently playing NBA 2K14 on Xbox One. I own Dead Rising, but due to work I go roughly two weeks at a time without playing home consoles. I couldn't remember the controls when I tried to play the game last Friday.

As far as 2k14 goes, I hate that they essentially got rid of Franchise mode, but I'm glad they added GM mode and difficulty settings in my career. Now I can casually play my career mode and be half decent at it.


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Yesterday i was wondering to turn on my old Playstation "the first edition" but the lens is damage i still have Crash Bandicot.


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Right now I am spending a lot of time playing some burnout 3 on the first Xbox and I must say that it is being very refreshing on my spirit and I am having a lot of fun with it. I still remember when I had first gotten that game it was the best. Also I am still playing super Mario 64.


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Majority of my gameplay time is spent on Dota 2. I am a team player and love to play tower defense. You could say I have become addicted to it when it comes down to how many hours I've put into the game in the last year or so.

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