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What are the Major Features or New Features you would like to see in PS4?


New Member
This is what I want to see.

I want an included PS3 back catalogue compatibility and enhancement feature.
I also want a built in evolved PS Eye camera/mic to counteract Microsofts Kinect integration.
I want a 4GB minimum RAM.
Faster Bluray probably 10x more.
Improved browser and menu interface.

So how about you guys? What do you want to see?


Well-Known Member
Definitely a better Playstation Store layout. The current one is very laggy.


New Member
The only thing I want is more games. I might only be imagining it, but I seem to remember PS2 having a lot more games by the time it was as old as PS3 is now, and I certainly want that type of library back. If I am wrong and they are in fact equal in number though just correct me :D, but it certainly felt like I had more choices back then with the PS2 than I do now with the PS3. So definitely just a bigger library of games with the same PS quality that we have gotten used to and I'm a happy camper.


New Member
More older games, less newer games.
The interface at the moment is fine and I don't expect to see any changes on that.
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