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Watered Down or True Next Gen. Power House of a Console.. You get what you pay for.

Carl Grubb

New Member
What bothers me is that Sony may be cutting features for the PS 5 trying to meet an unrealistic price point that cheap gamer's are expecting and in some cases demanding. The PS 4 was a watered down system and I fear that the same thing may happen to the PS5. The bottom line is, you get what you pay for! Pay for a true next gen power house of a console, you will get one. Pay for a watered down somewhat next gen console, that is what you will end up with. In Sony's marketing strategy I wish they would have shown gamer's the difference and let us choose which way we are willing to go for. The cheap gamer's should stop tying Sony's hands and allow them to build the true next gen powerhouse of a console that gamer's really want! $599.00 or $649.00 would be an excellent price for the PS 5. Final thought: The cheap gamer's who are causing Sony to struggle over the price point of the PS 5 are hurting all gamer's! Because of them, we may all end up getting a much less true next gen gaming experience!

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