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Watch Dogs


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This is my first post on this forum and I would like to say this forum looks astounding.

Anyway to the point, Firstly, I was just thinking that Watch Dogs is one of the best games I have ever played.

Secondly, I have been a gamer for about 6 years now and I have never seen anything like this.

Finally, there is so much to do like, Free-roaming, campaign, side missions etc, I was wondering what everyone else's thoughts were.


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Hello Raagnaros, the forum is vivid with much activity every day. Far from a borring place for sure.

I just started playing WD yesterday and don't have a considered opinion yet but it looks like hell of a game, judging from my quick gameplay experience. I'm going to spend lots of hours in Chicago in June.

Switching Seattle (InFamous) to Chicago (WD) I feel like I've almost visited US - not having a Visa! :)


There is a lot too do, indeed--almost too much (not really). I find myself getting distracted, per usual, and as such have not progressed that far in the story despite having been playing it for around five or so hours. My friends and I are going to test out the online-free roam in a few, as well. Being from Chicago it is nice to drive around and spot out specific influences, but as of right now, from what I have seen, this is Chicago only in influence. I truly wish they would have kept street names and so forth, but nevertheless certain landmarks, roads, and districts, are uncanny.

So far my favorite part of the game is the online 1v1 hacking.


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It's definitely a lot of fun. A lot of people gave it crap for not having the graphics from E3 a couple years ago but I don't really mind. It still looks good. There's certainly a lot to do in the city. The driving feels kind of weird and bouncy but the car chases are a lot of fun. The 1v1 hacking is fun but I think the mode with the two teams hacking each other is more fun.


The driving feels kind of weird and bouncy but the car chases are a lot of fun.

I have no problems driving in this game, I am not sure I understand the complaints. Just remember that each car drives differently and you cannot take turns at high speeds. If driving the cars becomes too much of a toll, try riding the motorcycles as they handle better and you can ride between traffic.
I picked the game up yesterday, played it for about an hour. Looks really good, not sure what the complaints are about the graphics, though in a scene with his sister and nephew, the hair looked terrible. Other then that I think visually the game looks great. Driving takes some getting used to and was surprised how poorly a sports car I swiped handled. Looks like plenty of hours can be lost here just roaming around.
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