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Watch Dogs


New Member
Is anyone as excited as me for the Watch Dogs game coming out?

Game is like a glimpse in the future, and it actually scares me a little bit if that's the way things are going to go. The game actually feels like a realistic Ghost In the Shell type of deal, which just as a premise sounds awesome as hell.

Hopefully it doesn't disappoint or end up being an Assassin's Creed clone but with a networking interface. I know Ubisoft is making it, but I'm not sure what developer is actually producing the game. Anyone have any thoughts on it?


New Member
The developer is Ubisoft Montreal, which are the same guys who developed the AC series. I'm honestly kind of cautious about the game since there's been a lot of misinformation being spread around about it. I think it'll be fun but I hope it's not just AC mixed with some GTA. I'm more interested to see how you can interact with the environment in different ways.


New Member
So far I like what I've seen from Watch Dogs, what I'm concerned of is that the game might get repetitive after several missions.


New Member
The game looks incredible, but all I've seen are scripted parts of the game that, although looking amazing, are just that, scripted.
I hope that's not all it as to offer. I would love to see a huge array of random encounters and situational responses from the NPCs.

That said I'm still buying it if it misses all those features. Unless of course, somehow, they screw up this amazing formula they got here, and it turns out to be horrible. Although very unlikely, I've seen it happen.


New Member
The game looks ridiculously good. The videos of Watch Dogs I have watched on YouTube makes me even more excited. The thing that excites me the most is the way that you control the world around you. You do something to someone, and that thing effects other people around you. It's like the stock market in GTA V.


Well-Known Member
I'm looking forward to it. I don't think it will be a huge hit, but I've been wrong before!


New Member
Yeah I dont know why the graphics suddenly dropped. I know the first footage was running on PC, but I mean come on, PS4/Xbone are not powerful enough to run such graphics?

In the technical demos of the consoles, we were promised CG movie level of graphics, but so far none of that we received :p
maybe its too early...


Well-Known Member
Keep in mind though, that Youtube/internet video quality doesn't really compare to when you see it on your own TV.


New Member
I like the new concept of the game. It reminds me of Deus ex which I really enjoyed playing through. I just hope it lives up to the hype because most of the time, it doesn't.


, , The Enforcer, ,
Ive read that there is no jump button,jumping is contextual.
Not sure why they would do that as it would feel like something is missing and restrictve,but then I guess you have to play it,it may not be missed at all in the game.Who knows.


New Member
I am very much looking forward to it. If it plays like Assassin's Creed then I'll probably like it very much as I did like that game but always had qualms about it being in an older setting because I like modern city settings much better, which is why I think this game would be perfect for me.


New Member
This game looks very nice indeed and if we can have 1080p with lots of interaction with NPC's it could be amazing.

C&VG says we are getting 1080por it's being targetted at the very least vs the One's 960p or something strange LOL!


New Member
The game looks really nice. I don't like AC series because of the gameplay. I hope that Watchdogs will take a different path.


New Member
Looks like a very interesting take on an ac3 type of game, the concept looks original/first of its kind. No doubt there will be many spin-offs and crappy remakes.

I am looking forward to this game, and I have been following it closely since it has been released, cant wait.


New Member
The latest footage which runs on nVidia graphics looks amazing.
I'm jealous of PC players and disappointed with the current gen consoles.


New Member
Yeah, I saw that. It actually looks on par with the E3 demo as far as PC goes. Anyone know if it's gonna be running 1080p 60 fps on consoles? I doubt it will, but hey, I can hope.


New Member
Yeah, I saw that. It actually looks on par with the E3 demo as far as PC goes. Anyone know if it's gonna be running 1080p 60 fps on consoles? I doubt it will, but hey, I can hope.

1080p at 30 Fps I read.

Should still be an amazing game it's not just about the graphics!
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