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Watch Dogs


New Member
Anyone looking forward to getting the new game Watch Dogs? I think it looks like such a great game. You really can play any style you want, they really did a great job with it! You can even go into your friends singleplayer world and 'hack' their game to gain things in yours. So yeah what do you guys think of the game?


Professional Escapologist
Well i was, until they delayed the game. Still, if this will make the game better, then so be it. The idea seems interesting and i am always welcome to open-ended sandbox games (Sleeping Dogs was a really nice surprise, recommend it a lot).


New Member
Of course, I am like other people. And now that they have delayed the game, it shows how committed they are towards delivering a genre defying experience.


New Member
I'm actually glad that they have delayed the game. I hate it when I buy a brand new game and find out that it's full of bugs. It gives me the impression that the publishers don't respect us, gamers, enough, to provide us with a high quality, finished product.


New Member
It looks really good and promising, but I hope it makes itself stand out and not be like other games out there.
The ability to hack everything could make for awesome scenes, but I guess we just have to see how it will work out.


New Member
This game was on the reasons I was going to buy PS4 day one, but since it was delayed I will just wait some months for it to be released and then get the console with it.

The games looks wonderful, the hability to roam freely in the city is amazing and one of the features i'm really excited about is entering my friends singleplayer games and either hacked them or kill them, just to annoy them! hehe

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