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Watch Dogs 14 Minutes Gameplay Demo


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Must check this out too.
14 mins only released a day or 2 ago AFAIK.
Do yourself a favour and download this in HD from youtube using a downloader or a browser add on like '1 lick youtube video downloader' for Firefox.
Then watch it on your HD TV.Or stream it to your TV...whatever..you get the idea.

Looks awesome for sure.



New Member
Watch Dogs looks absolutely amazing. Beside the features in it seems pretty advanced, I guess it must have taken a long time to even make the basic of it.

Anyway thanks for the video. It really make it seem like a fantastic game, not only fantastic but also good replayability. I am really looking forward for it and I know for sure that I will enjoy playing it, as I love the genre.


New Member
The tablet incorporation seems amazing, I hope its not something like sixaxis which is really clumsy and we end up never using. Other than that it looks amazing, can't wait to enter other people games and just mess with them!


New Member
A new trailer was released a few day's ago were we can observe the hacking skills, driving mechanics, city streets and graphics. If the game will be as good as in the trailers it will certainly win the 2014 game of the year award. :D Only 5 months to the official release date for all platforms.
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