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Vita vs 3DS. Which console do you think will end up with the most sales?


New Member
The 3DS by far because while I think the Vita is kind of cool there are more games that I can enjoy playing then the two that I know of on Vita. Nintendo while not my favorite company is basically where I buy my handheld items from because they have great games and pretty nice designs.
Seems like Nintendo always dominates the handheld market. I love PlayStation and always will, but the logical winner here is Nintendo.


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I'd have to second what BBGold said. I got the 3DS at launch and while at the time it was priced higher than what it should've been for what was offered, it really made up for that in a short period of time.

Plus Pokemon. You have Pokemon and you have a handheld, you win.


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The 3DS is so much better than the vita. It has so much more games that appeal more people. The vita on the other hand really feels like it doesn't meet up what the ds does. Vita does alot of things but like most people buy it for the games. It's trying to compete with phone which would obviously lose. The 3DS has more game focused and makes playing the game much more fun and enjoyable.


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I'm a fan of Sony consoles and games, so I do hope that the Vita sells well or even beats is handheld competition, the 3DS, but I'm skeptical that it will. I think Nintendo will win this one because their handheld is just a lot more accessible and also I think that Sony fans will most likely gravitate towards the home consoles over the Vita.


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I'd go for the vita if you want a more multimedia device,but 3DS has a big JRPG catologue if you're into that.
Nintendo's handhelds generally deliver on the JRPG front where the home consoles fall short. It's been that way since...N64 I believe.


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I love the vita but I'll have to concede that the vita won't be able to hold a candle to 3ds sales but that's okay. I've always felt that the vita was more of a niche product. I commend the 3ds for being able to command more market share and I understand why it's been able to be more successful in this market. The ps vita is just a handheld version of the ps2 so for many people, they see no additional reason to get it besides the portability. For me though, the portability means everything and hence why I love the vita.


New Member
Not regarding quality of games I'm going to have to say the 3ds will overall be the most popular, especially in the US. The variety of games, big name franchises and such seal the deal. In Japan its probably closer since portable gaming in general is so popular and games like Monster Hunter are so big in Japan. I think that's what caused the psp to end up selling so much.


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I really depends on the type of games you like to play.
If you like big action games and playing on the go with the same feeling of playing at home, then get a Vita.

The 3DS has a ton of great games too, you wouldn't regret it, it has lots of series that you can't find anywhere else; Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Mario, Zelda, etc.


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I would say 3DS. I haven't really heard and seen a lot of people with Vita nowadays, and most of my friends have a 3DS as well. So chances are, the 3DS might end up with the most sales.


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Nintendo may not always push out the best console compared to their competitors, but they have dominated the handheld market ever since the release of the original Gameboy. Including Tetris with that thing was a stroke of genius. It's like giving free crack with every spoon and lighter sold.

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