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Virgin Media: UK can't handle Broadband needs of Xbox One or PS4


New Member
Here's an interesting thing to note for you UK gamers. Apparently according to Virgin Media, you do not possess the broadband capability to handle the download requirements for the PS4 and Xbox One. I wasn't aware that your internet over there was lackluster. Of course this is just Virgin Media saying this, and until Sony and Microsoft comment it's just information to look it.

Virgin Media say's UK can't handle PS4 or Xbox One


New Member
This is news to me too, I always assumed they had better internet than most, but I guess we're not that far behind from everyone else after all here. At least physical copies are still not phased out, so they can just turn to that instead if digital downloads prove to be problematic.


New Member
I think that article is a bit biased towards virginmedia maybe even trying to point out that consumers should switch to them if they want to download large games!

I'm a virginmedia customer as I live I a rural location. I get upto 60mbps and the nearest competitor can only do upto 8!


New Member
I would say Internet infrastructure is lacking all over the world. Google fibre needs to stick it up to the bad ISPs. Google is the future.


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Thats crazy though. I never though just how different things probably are across the world. I am just accustomed to how things are in my own country you know?


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I have FIOS in the states so my connection is actually pretty amazing, but I now people who get their internet from the cable companies and the connection isn't nearly as fast and the download speeds leave something to be desired. Really I found that Japan has some of the best internet out there. Wireless isn't really a thing over there but their DSL was pretty great.

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