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Upgrading extended storage - HELP!


New Member
SO, I have managed to get hold of a PS5 and have transferred everything to the PS5 from my PS4, and used the extended drive, - fine.
The trouble is games are now so big I need to change the extended drive for something larger.
PS5 said - delete games from extended storage - or format the storage, and then re-download games or insert the disks - fine
Did that - formatted my old extende3d storage - using the ps5 to format it.
unplugged it
plugged the new drive in - formatted as extended storage.
Try to re-download god of war - and other ps4 games - and it says I still need to delete them from the old drive - but I've done that !!!

So how to I get the PS5 to download my games?

I've moved all the game data ( saves and progress data ) to the cloud storage.
Actual game data that is the game itself is deleted... but it still won't let me download it....

If anyone has a solution I'd be grateful - there is NOTHING on the Playstationsite about upgrading external storage and the best way to do that.
I'm kicking myself for formatting the drive.
When did format - it was plugged into the ps5 and the ps5 could see that it was my extended rive with all the game data on it.

Hope one of you have an answer.

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