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Unreadable text


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Hi. I have had this issue for ages now and thought it eas me eyesight. Recently been tested and no change.

When I am playing vr games, subtitle text is readable clear and fine, however other text ingame is really unclear like dots and dashes. It only comes readable when I am a few inches away from it.

I realised last night, the vr headset/my eyes arent the issue. The issue also appears on the tv itself

I am hoping theres a quickfix for this.

This happens on every vr game I have played on. Although theyre all PS4 games played on my PS5. The games are either original ps4, or remastered for ps5 version.

maybe its an upscaling issue? I have attached screenshot of my tv showing the problem. Theres supposed to be readable text on the arcase game


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Ive done the eye distance thing too and other callibrations. Everything else in the game is clear. Adjusting the visor or position doesnt change anything
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