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Underrated games?


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I have, and I'm sure most of us have, played some games that we love or like a lot that most gamers and critics seem to dislike. I was just wondering what some of your "underrated" games you liked that others slammed?

For me, two particular games come to mind.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I absolutely loved the 2010 reboot and loved this one just as much. I'm not sure why everyone has such a distaste for this title. I love it. Maybe everyone was expecting it to be better then Battlefield/COD? The campaign was short but sweet and I found the multiplayer quite good.

Another title is one I'm currently playing: Remember Me. I'm only up to Episode 3 (of 8) and am so far loving it as to me it's a original and fresh concept compared to what seems every game that gets released today being too similar.

An honourable mention goes to Naughty Bear. I can see why people don't like it as I admit it does get repetitive as hell but I still had fun. As well as the Section 8 games. Spent many hours playing S8: Prejudice and I think (aside from Red Dead Redemption) it's the longest time I've spent with a game.

Anyways, over to you guys :)


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I remember seeing the trailer for Naughty Bear and thinking 'what the heck?' Yeah, I mean, it does look weird, but that doesn't make it a bad game. It's not something I would have wanted to play anyway, though, so it wasn't just the poor ratings that kept me away. I've played a lot of games that I found excellent but which got lower scored (and/or worse reviews) than they deserved. The first one that comes to mind is Tales of the Abyss, which IGN gave something like 7.6, but which I found highly entertaining. Plus, it had tremendous replay value, which is an aspect I think gets overlooked in a lot of games.


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For me, it was White Knight Chronicles. At first it looked like a bland MMO-like RPG, but it really grew on me. First of all, its a straight homage to Japanese Sentai (america: Power Rangers) in how it handles the plot-centric mechs and their adventures. I didn't see that coming and it hit home with me. The surprisingly good graphical detail and huge character customization options made me wonder why this wasn't a very popular PS3 RPG. I liked it and it had a faithful online community until the servers shut down a few months ago.


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Long ago I ceased to rely on the ratings of the games.
Everyone has a different opinion on each game!

Or else, we tend to compare games! It's a shame, but it's true!
So yes, the games are under-rated. What I find unfortunate is that some are missing magnificent treasure just for that!

When you think about the Call Of Duty always have good ratings each year.

Life is sad sometimes ....:eek:
Nier got very bad reviews- and for good reasons, really. As a game, it sucked.

... But it still was one of my favorite games. Despite the fact that story didn't make much sense and wasn't concise, it was great. It was weird.


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I actually enjoyed Naughty bear though I never actually bought it my friend decided he did not like it so he gave it to me and I found it quite a fun game to mess around with.
Another game I also enjoy is Remember Me, it's really not a bad game but not many people to have played it all.

Overall though I can't think of any specific game that other people disliked or rated low that I ended up enjoying, well guess I'm just mainstream.


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I heard quite a few good things about Naughty bear, but the online gaming critics didn't rate it very highly. It also didnt advertise too well so it fell short to alot of potential buyers.


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I heard quite a few good things about Naughty bear, but the online gaming critics didn't rate it very highly. It also didnt advertise too well so it fell short to alot of potential buyers.
The sequel "Panic in Paradise" is far superior to the first :)


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Nier, for the amazing soundtrack and story;
3D Dot Game Heroes, for the wonderful nostalgia driven gameplay;
El Shaddai, for the incredible graphical presentation and mysterious story;
Vanquish, for the over-the-top fast paced action;


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Hmmm underrated games. The one that comes to mind is Homefront. That game is pretty solid. Sure I only played the online demo that it had but it was a solid experience. I remember buying Crysis 2 on Amazon and waiting for it to arrive so a downloaded a demo of Homefront. In all honesty I think Homefront is actually a better game than Crysis 2 but that's just my opinion. I will most likely pisk up Homefront 2 when it gets released.


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I was surprised by how fast the spotlight for naught bear dropped, it wasn't the best game or very well made but it was fun in it's own way
and funny. It was one where you could pick up and play and have fun for hours torturing and killing teddy bears dressed like Freddy or Jason.


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I too played Naughty Bear. I picked it up dirt cheap. It was actually my husband that pointed the game out to me. I enjoy games that are cute and disturbing...or just disturbing...and sometimes just cute! :) But he pointed it out and got it for me. I popped it in and let the de-fluffing begin. It wasn't like the best game out there and some of the angles of the camera could get frustrating...but they did have a lot of ways for Naughty Bear to de-fluff the other happy bears in the village...and considering you could even drive them insane to the point they killed themselves was quite amusing (though I wouldn't recommend the game for small children). :) It over-all was a good game and simply just a good break from the normal game out there. Terrorizing teddies is just plain amusing to do.

But I too have stopped listening to the actual rating systems of games and instead if I want honest answers will either youtube a game or find a demo somewhere online and try to see if it's a game that appeals to me or not. Sometimes I take a risk on a game, most times I am never really disappointed either. I can usually tell what the game will be like by reading the description of the game or even watching a quick trailer if nothing else.


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Its gotta be Sleeping Dogs. It received really good ratings and reviews, but for some reasons, it didnt do well. It has a nice storyline that is filled with action packed and cool missions. I also dont understand the hate from GTA fans. SE deserves way more than an early price drop at around $20 after just a month.

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