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UGA Clan now open! Join Us!


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SMG now recruiting [PS4][UK][EU][USA][CANADA]

SMG image.png

Congratulations on taking your first step on joining Supreme Masters Gaming

We are a UK based Call of Duty gaming clan with members from the UK, EU, USA and Canada who PubStomp or play competitive. We have a variety of members who play both hardcore and core.


Members Only Forum

Our exclusive members forum allows users to communicate, share knowledge, build their experience and make new friends.

Active Community

With members from the UK, EU, USA and Canada you are always able to play with members to fulfill your noob smashing eirges.

Clan tournaments

We hold regular clan tournaments whether it be hardcore, core or CWL, we will have something to suit your preference.

Experienced Leadership

Our highly skilled and friendly leadership are always there on hand to help you get the best out of the game.


To become a member you must be able answer yes to the following:

Be older than 18
Be from the UK, EU, USA or Canada
Have a working mic
Participate in the recruitment phase
Be able to speak English
Active PS4 gamer & play Call of Duty
Team player
Mature individual

There is no min K/D requirement to join SMG


Log on to smgaming.co.uk
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We are still here and expanding a steady pace. If you want to enjoy your Call Of Duty again then get yourself over to our website and register! For doing this you will get to play as a group and have greater success at the game while enjoying yourself more in the process. So what are you waiting for??? Get yourself over to smgaming.co.uk

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