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Turn off or Stand by?


New Member
I used to put it on stand by, but recently we've had a very extreme storm which caused the electricity to go out, after seeing the warning on PS4 that says "turn off the console before plugging out or it will cause damage" I've decided to turn the console off completely after each play unless I wanna download or charge the controller.

I didnt notice any difference in booting time or anything.

Which one do you guys use?


New Member
My PS4 stays on stand by mode during the day on weekends, I turn it off for nights and when I'm not at home on weekdays.


New Member
Mine is always off too, I don't see the need to leave it at Stand by because the boot is super fast.


New Member
I only leave mine on standby when I have to charge my controller and headset. Once those are charged, I turn it off.


New Member
I rarely keep it on standby unless I need my controller to charge like Schoat333 said. I see no need to have in on standby really.


New Member
I've always left mine in stand by mode and never had any issues. Doesn't seem to matter too much whether it is on or off. Although, turning it off when there is a bad storm might not be a bad idea. Not that I do it, but it's still not a bad idea. haha


Well-Known Member
Always off. Only leave it on stand-by if my controller needs charging or I have background downloads turned on.


New Member
I think that it does not make a difference, the boot time from a full power down is incredibly fast so I hardly even notice that I am waiting for it to load. That being said, I leave my auto shutdown to 10 minutes because of power costs.


New Member
I always turn mine off. Standby is only good for downloading games and updates IMO (and for charging the DS4 like someone said). I know people who leave it on standby then turn it back on when they get off from work/school. Just seems like a waste of electricity though IMO.
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