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transferring entitlements


New Member
Hi all
I and my brother used to share the same console, i paid for Playstation+ and also Call of Duty MW3. my brother bought and paid for FIFA24.
now my brother has moved out and taken the console (he bought it....) now I would like to buy my own console.
i don't want to pay again for Call of Duty and the PlayStation+ subscription.
how can i migrate to my newly purchased PS5 Console?


Staff member
Listen. WHO owns the account? Who has access to the account? There's your answer. Who has access to the email address tied to the account...? There's your answer.

(And, I'm not just talking about PlayStation Network account, I'm also talking about the Call of Duty account tied to PSN account.)

If HE owns the account, its his. If you own the account, you can log out of the current PS5, and move your account THERE on the new PS5. All it requires is a login. PlayStation.com is the main place to login and retrieve your account.

The PS+ is TIED to an account. There is no transfer.

You can go to your brother and ask for the PS+ payment back, but otherwise you'll be starting from scratch.

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