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Trading/Buying Thread for ESO


New Member
Looking for someone to make me the Heavy helmet and Guantlets for the Akaviri armour set.

I will pay anyone 5,000 old for both these items.

I will also pay for a full set of mercenary armour.

(Make sure you can craft it for a VT 3 rank, or 4.

Add me on PS4: F1NCH1E101


New Member
Wanting to trade my ambrosia fragment part 2 for any other fragment(i have 2). Also selling Mercanry Staves and Belt motif.

Im on NA server in the AD.

Message me here or on PSN

PSN TheDill
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See No Body

New Member
WTS Blacksmith Motifs ---MERCENARY----

WTS Blacksmithing plans Racial Motifs: Mercenary (complete gear set) 1k ea plan

--- See No Body

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