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Trading/Buying Thread for ESO

Selling recipes and racial motifs

I'm selling various recipes 100 gold a piece and have a Nord racial motif. being sold for 2k. Only ebonheart pact alliance, name is BrokenMindedRage message me if interested


, , Darkness, ,
I'm selling various recipes 100 gold a piece and have a Nord racial motif. being sold for 2k. Only ebonheart pact alliance, name is BrokenMindedRage message me if interested
I've merged your thread to this thread. In future please post all adverts for selling or trading in this thread.



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Looking to buy Healer Habit Lvl 30 accessories (rings ammy) helm n gloves. Name price . Add me in NorthAmerica Server PSN ConcealedSins


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Selling perfect roe 10k each. add me in game online now!!!

PSN: gmoneybabyy

DC... North America server

Will join a dungeon to trade.
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Engine guardian set

Anyone on here on european server have light/medium helm and light shoulder they would sell??

I dont mind the price! Let me know

Psn DaveHoggJr


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Selling armour/weapon sets 5 traits and below some 6 traits can make duel sets if desired. Will add traits to armour inquire which you are after and if I have them researched any level sets all styles but ancient elf and dwemer (note daedric costs another 4k unless hearts are supplied) prices range from around 3k-4k for white 5k-6k green 7k-8k blue prices negotiable message me on psn if interested "michael8642" then party chat so we on the same page.


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PS4 EU - Looking for crafter

If anyone can craft me a 5 piece hundings rage medium set with decent traits, i would pay 10k for the armor. PSN = Piztoh.


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hello there, i can craft you the set no problem with traits u want, but i can do any style other than primal,daedric, or ancient elf or barbaric or dwemer


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Looking for someone on the EU server who can Craft Hundings rage swords with Daedric style.
It should be for VR 2 and with Precise trait.

i Will provade with The materials and ofc a fee for The work.

Add me on psn: Joakimkallberg

PS. I play Aldmeri Dominions


New Member
I know this is asking a lot :> but does anyone have anything that can help a low level 8 Sorcerer out? I really don't have anything to trade for it, just hoping someone super high up can gift some stuff.

North America server, psn: captainblud


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How much to craft whats listed below?can you give me an estimated price please my PSN is That_Guy_Ty6
(Not buying yet just looking for a price to work towards)

All light armor ,All Legendary Quality(if possible all with max magicka glyphs) All with divines trait
VR 16 Magnus-Head-xivkyn
VR 16 Magnus-Shoulders-xivkyn
VR 16 Magnus-Chest-Dwemer
VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Waist-dwemer
VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Hands-dwemer
VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Legs-dwemer
VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Feet-dwemer

VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Sword-Daedric-nirnhoned
VR 16 Magnus-Sword-Daedric-nirnhoned
VR 16 Kagrenacs Hope-Resto staff-dwemer-precise
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Ryth BlackBlade

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5,000 gold for 2 vampire bites

Looking for someone who can turn 2 of my characters into vampires. 5,000 gold is waiting for whoever offers. 2,500 for each. Friend me at Nightingale968. North American Server, Aldemeri Dominion.
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Selling all kind of potions and food im max lvl at provisioning and alchemy, ask to buy message me psn:La_bot95 im on EU server
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