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Trading/Buying Thread for ESO


New Member
Trading epic motiff bow

Racial Motifs 15, chapter 4: Dwemer Bows
Taking gold offers or
Trade items must be epic/legendary medium armor or weapon

Contact here or in game name Rycher or psn Rycher969.
Still up for sale. 7/1


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1. To start off I have a NORD Racial Motif I would be willing to trade or sell. Trade for THE DARK ELVES Racial Motif. Or some combination of blacksmithing materials. Or sell for coins.

2. I have materials for woodworking and clothing that I would be willing to trade for metalworking materials.

Thanks and happy trading!
add kneesweak trade you ores for wood


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Looking to buy, shadow dancer shoulder piece or waist. Item lvl 46 is preferred. will pay gold for either pieces. EP alliance. add minimi123i or msg me on psn


New Member
In need of dwemer scraps

I need large amounts of dwemer scraps and I will pay! I can pay in gold/daedra hearts. please message me ASAP if you do. thank you very much

gamertag- iratetick
north America server btw


New Member
I am looking for 3 specific set pieces for the Akaviri Dragonguard set vet rank 1.

I am looking for the gauntlet of the dragon, girdle of the dragon, and greaves of the dragon (legs, waist, and boots) willing to pay 10k per piece.

I am on the NA server
COD to me.
My psn ID is WhiteRevKilla.

As well, tons of Daedra hearts, flame resist glyphs and other awesome items available in Windhelm at the guild traders.

Thanks in advance!


New Member
Help I'm looking for the barbaric, daedric and primal racial motifs. I just got to level 40 in blacksmithing and Im tired of the same old looking armor please help I'll pay the gold. My psn tag is sloshua4207.


New Member
Help I'm looking for racial motiffs. I will pay the gold. My psn is sloshua4207 message me or just send a friend request I'm on the nm server.


New Member
Nirncruxs for sell

I have some Fortified Nirncrux sell for 20k and Potent Nirncrux sell for 24k each any intrest plz intract me PSN:luckybush56


New Member
Cheap Imperial and Deadric armour here!!

Hi I have the imperial, Deadric, ancient elf, primal and barbaric motifs. And I'm willing to make anyone armour for a reasonable price:

Imperial full set + 2 weapons : 15k

Primal/Barbaric full set + weapon : 5k

Ancient elf full set + weapon : 10K

Werewolf bite : 5k

Message me PS4: F1NCH1E101


New Member
EBON HEART PACT Material sale

Got it all for clothier and woodworking also looking to sell 110 ebony ingots
Daedra hearts for sale 3k a piece 5k for two
Also have a werewolf bite shoot me an offer !

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