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Trade my MGSV Phantom Pain PS4 for a Pro?


New Member
Hi guys!

I'm at a crossroads and just don't know what I should do. A guy wants to trade his Pro with me. I have an MGSV PS4 in great condition. I also have a high end Samsung SUHD 50" 4K TV. For the deal to work, I'd give him a fairly small amount of cash on top of my MGSV for his Pro which has 4 months (apparently) left on the warranty.

Out of sentiment, I don't want to let the MGSV go. I have all the MGS games and am a huge fan BUT, I've played on a Pro thanks to my friend lending his to me for a while and have seen the significant improvement it makes to my games. Horizon looks amazing! GT Sport looks better too. The list goes on. So yeah, I want the Pro. It is superior to the MGSV console which offers an aesthetic and sentiment but not the extra power to make the games play and look better. Trading and paying in is much more affordable than splashing out on a Pro while keeping the MGSV which will serve as a display item on my stand. It's off right now while I have my friend's Pro and haven't switched it on since...

So, what would you do? What should I do?

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