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Toxic Players Rainbow Six Siege


New Member
Hey you

So i experienced a lot of hate in Rainbow Six Siege because i'm a female. I get kicked out bevor the game started or just get killed in the beginning. So i wanted to ask if someone else experienced this problem?

I really love the game itself but get kicked out of every 5th game isn't fun anymore.
I even asked playstation to change my name.

So please tell my your experience on that topic.

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Staff member
I never have personally (but I'm a guy so I wouldn't experience that immature harassment) but I've heard the same from fellow female gamers. It extremely pisses me off the sexism in the gaming community. Like the guys masculinity is at stake because they get beaten by a girl. But my theory is those kinds of guys that tend to be insecure about their masculinity are attracted to shooting games like Rainbow Six because it's a "guys game" and anyone that is otherwise is a threat. Either that or they are men children. Either way, those gamers really need to get over themselves and they give us regular gamers who don't give a damn a bad name. In some shooting games, some of the best teammates, and opponents, I had were girls and they kicked ass. Something you may want to look into are clans and gaming groups that are inclusive. Also, I know in Destiny, there are girl only clans where they try to support each other. Can look into that too. Either way, think of it like this. These are men-children who have very fragile egos. When you beat them, you threaten that. If you want to get under their skin and really go for the kill to their ego, let them know that ;)


Staff member
I'd say ignore them. Either that, or roll with the punches - by rolling with the punches, swipe back at them. Like "watch what you're saying." Or hurl some sarcastic insults back at them, provided you don't break the rules of the service. I come across these "toxic" players in most games. For example, in Call of Duty games, I always go into a lobby, and I get attacked by man-babies calling me names because I'm latino. Some think I'm Mexican just because I have a hispanic, latino sounding name. I'm not even Mexican, I come from another country, south of Mexico.

I call them what they are - losers. So, either join 'em by rolling with the punches, ignore them, or just leave the lobby.

Oh, and just so you know: You're not alone. Don't feel that way.

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